Why career sacrificed moms are often not respected? But here is a good news...
|   Aug 03, 2017
Why career sacrificed moms are often not respected? But here is a good news...

This is not a myth but a reality. The new mothers who have sacrificed their respect and independence for their family and children are often not given due respect.For the sake of child security, its the best thing but they have to face a lot. Their say in decision-making becomes null. once supported their family is now dependent on others for their daily expenses, which they are not given without asking. How embarrassing for an equally educated wife. Still, they work like a maid and wait to see a smile on their family members and given some credit. They love to raise their kids over their rising professional lives. Their presence is demanded mainly when something is needed at home. They stay at home and fulfill the requirements of each and every family members over her career.  But do they sometimes not require that special care and pamper and the feeling that they are the important member of the family. well on the part of female we can see that society is now changing but that just for the countable homes. The major crust of the society is still fighting for their rights and dignity. well, on this part I think the husbands and only 'The Husband' can change the perception of their "Better Half". They must respect their wives dignity and value them as the most powerful asset as she is multi talented and has the capability to change the destiny of her family if given opportunity. People often marry well educated, professionally qualified girl to show off in their society. But after marrying they forget their rights and duties towards her career and disregard their career goals over theirs. Still those girls accept the circumstances and adjust according to the wishes of her family members. But at last what they get?? They just want a token of love, respect and a feeling of security, not your money.

So, at last, I feel that women should have strong career goals and if they need to sacrifice them they should do it on the best deal. Moreover, educated wives should not just do household chores but also pamper themselves and take out some time from their daily routine for their hobby, meet an old friend, learn some creative skills, indulge in some beauty routine. Now there are the number of ways to earn money from home. So just choose one and live life without any regret. She should enjoy this opportunity for unhiding her creative side which she was unable to do while she was working....So all d best to all housewives...

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