My specially special child
|   Aug 17, 2016
My specially special child

Life has been a roller coaster ride for me, with my obese nature posing several challenges. I have been blessed with extremely loving and supportive parents who never considered marriage to be a benchmark for judging my life. However, seeing a whole lot of my buddies walk down the aisle, I could not refrain from reconsidering my previous decision of " I am never ever getting married", which was though an outcome of a host of past events. Daddy's dearest daughter finally tied the knot but never had the rosy life she had actually fantasied of. Tiffs, tears, shouts, screams.....that was all what marriage had in store for me. However, the best thing that happened amidst the intense turmoil, was the double mark in my pregnancy kit. Yes, I was pregnant and finally relieved too that a fat girl like me , as people said could finally be a mother. I knew my marriage was going no where but the baby inside me was my new hope for life. Then came the best day when my little munchkin, my boy, saw the light of the world, staring at me in awe with his pale face. Days passed speedily, with my whole world evolving around him, enjoying every bit of his growing up, even standing strong after my meaningless marriage got the legal stamp of a divorce, with the only hope that my son would be my guiding force. Little did I know that life was not to be so easy as I actually thought it to be.As my boy grew up he showed tremendous stranger anxiety, made no eye contact, never liked being cuddled and stopped saying even a few of those words he had began babbling when he was eight months of age. Though I wanted to believe everything was normal, I still had a word with his pediatrician who asked me to get him checked from a specialist. " Your son has autism, 34 percentile, mild to moderate", the doctor's words brought my whole world crashing down. After surviving the initial blows came the real challenge of educating myself as well as my parents, who could also not figure out what exactly was happening. Then began a series of therapies, with each one of them having their own opinions differing completely from the other. The common problem was the increasing inquisitiveness of people who floored me with the most common question" Oh, he is 2.5 years and doesn't talk, never mind, this this this and that that that", yes I had a lot of well wishers giving me bunchful of ideas, none of which was of much use. After overcoming some of the initial obstacles my little hero is 3 now and with the help of some really experienced therapists, my parents and some really humble people he is much improved as far as his behavior is concerned, though his speech is yet to come. I have stopped weaving big hopes and started taking pleasure from every small thing he achieves, whether it be doing a high five or wearing his pant on his own. Yes, that is what the doctor of a very reputed hospital asked me to do "enjoy your child's growing process, and don't set targets, this will keep you off stress", and believe me it really does. Do not know what the future has in store for us, what would happen to my son when I am gone, but yes, the challenge is on and I am sure we will battle it out

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