My Story of Labor - where there's a will there's a way!
|   Jan 11, 2017
My Story of Labor - where there's a will there's a way!

I am writing my first blog here, jotting down the most wonderful yet painful  ( physical only ) experience of my life. My beautiful angel is 5 month old and I can't just deny the fact that all the pain I underwent was worth it.

Since childhood I used to be a very delicate child, u know, chui mui types. 😋 Even during those days I used to take painkillers, hot water bottle and lying on bed all the time. Some relatives used to make fun of me that I have zero tolerance for pain. And I grew up with the same thought in my mind. 

When I got pregnant me and my husband was very happy but at the same time worried also that how we would be able to manage everything alone living in a nuclear family. Nevertheless I promised myself that I will take care of myself and baby by adopting good eating habits and exercise routine so that I can prepare myself for the BIG day of delivery which I so much wanted to be a normal one from inside my heart, even though somewhere I knew it just might not be possible with the delicate darling tag I was carrying since childhood. But believe me the journey towards a healthy normal delivery started then and there only.

Time passed away and l was into the last month of pregnancy. I was trying hard to keep me and my baby stressfree and healthy as there have been some complications at 7 month and doc had advised extra care and rest.  It was early august, I went to see my gynae for those last few checkups. She did a check up and told me that if I don't get labor pain in 48 hours they will induce me. I went home and continued with my exercise and walk routine ( which I was following since last one month) with more dedication hoping it will bring on labor. I was following each and every advise that I was getting from elders, doctors and internet, be it in terms of physical activity or eating selective foods, I was doing everything I can to achieve my goal of healthy normal delivery.  I was getting restless day by day to see the baby and something deep inside my heart wanted this to happen in my way.

Finally I noticed some signs and after consulting the doc I went to the hospital for admission. Initially it all looked very calm and composed. I went into the labour room on my own. Pain was bearable nothing much to fuss about at that time. My husband, in laws and parents gathered in the hospital and looked more worried than me. I told them that  "Abi to kuch pata hi nai chal raha pain ka don't worry". They smiled at me but I know they were worried.

Meanwhile doc came and after checkup she told that they will be inducing me with first shot to be given at 7pm and after that gradually they will increase the dose in the night and then they will start with the full dose in the morning. So somewhere in the corner of my heart I was relieved that alteast nothing is happening tonight. I have got one more night before stepping into the stage of parenthood, me and my baby are just one night away. Mixed feelings you know, fear and happiness.

My husband brought me some home made food in the night, he looked worried. I told him I had eaten the supper hospital gave me, but he just holded my hand and whispered you will need all your strength tomorrow, please have it. Tears rolled down my cheek as I started eating. His eyes were numb too and he was worried what will happen next day. We chit chatted for some time while I was eating and I presuaded him not to stay in hospital in the night and he should go home( which is just 5 min drive distance). With a heavy heart he left but he didn't wanted to. Whole night went into pain, contractions, listening the heartbeat of my baby. 

BIG DAY arrived, I didn't slept the whole night. At 6 am they started with full dose. Intensity of pain and contractions increased. My husband came in at 7 am, he was also not able to sleep in the night. He was there for 2 hours (sister allowed it as there were not much patients in the labor room). Those were the most beautiful hours of my labor story. He was holding my hand and trying his best to sooth me, motivate me, giving me strength. We both were getting impatient to meet the baby. I was in pain but his presence made it easier. I wanted him to stay but he had to leave.  Gradually contrations started becoming stronger and painful, I called doc for help. Doc said that I have started getting actual pains which is a good thing. I was a bit happy that delivery is near and chances of normal one were good. As the time passed pain grew unbearable, at around 12 doc came again and told that the cervix was only 30 percent dilated. My hopes went down a bit, after bearing intense pains for continuous 5 hrs nothing much has improved. But frankly that pain was still bearable. A lot more was yet to come! After that doc gave another shot of the dose and pain started increasing like hell. Contractions grew strongy and lasted longer, my whole lower body was feeling excruciating pain and I was loosing my conscience. Suddenly I felt a sharp pain and my water broke. Doc indicated it to be a good sign but nothing was getting in to my head. I was dying in pain and my idea of normal delivery suddenly felt like rubbish to me. I just wanted my pain, my suffering to end. I was screaming,crying, calling the doc again and again. I was feeling as if I will die on that bed. But doc and nurses were not listening. After 7 - 8 hrs of labor pain, my body was loosing all the strength and somewhere my mind, my heart was also loosing it. Suddenly my whole body went numb and I knew my BP was dripping( this has happened many times during the cycles ). I yelled for doc, I was loosing was my breath I felt choked. A nurse came and gave me oxygen, another added some medicine in my drip. I was able to breathe finally but pain and contractions were still killing me. 2-3 hrs went by like this. I continued screaming and yelling that I can't tolerate more and I will die but nobody was listening. Whole labor room was echoing with my screams.

It was around 03 30 when pain grew like hell, hell means hell, I was shouting like crazy, that unbearable pain was knocking me down every second and I was loosing all hopes of survival. Doc came and did a checkup and gave good news that cervix was fully open and I am ready. She signaled the nurse to shift me in the main labor room. Finally and thankfully, by gods grace my angel came out quickly compared to my expectations and ended the ordeal of pain and suffering. My angel gave me another life, seriously I was reborn that day on that bed. On that day I surprised myself with my strength and determination. 

Where there's a will there's a way!!

All the best for your journey!!!

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