Abled by birth, but crippled by fate
|   Jul 21, 2016
Abled by birth, but crippled by fate
Her husband's friend, whom she had also known fairly well was getting married. She felt overwhelmed when he took the time to personally call her up and invite her for the wedding along with her husband. The venue was in the city her husband worked in. Her husband works and stays in a different city and would come home only on weekends. Amidst the conversation, the friend cleverly pointed out that coming to the wedding was in fact mutually beneficial. He would be graced by their presence when he ties the knot and she would have her very first opportunity to visit the city! That's right, her first ever visit to a place that is just a 4 hour travel away, the place where her husband had been working in from before their marriage of 4 years! She just smiled audibly when he asked her "You haven't been to this place yet, have you?”, so that he could not sense her despair and quickly hung up the phone after assuring him that she will try her best to be there. Nevertheless, she already knew she was not going to make it this time either.
That evening, memories came flooding back to her. Rewind four years back, she remembered the pre-wedding days when she and her now-husband would spend hours on the phone. She remembered the umpteen number of times he told her that he will take her to places and show her the world around after marriage. She dreamt of the day she would come out of the well she had been living in for a long time.
Four years hence and a kid by her side, the only occasional trips are to the beach or parks nearby. Forget going places, even dining out, watching movies in theatres or even the feeling of one family under the same roof comes as often as a blue moon. She realized that it is now that she is rightly the frog in the well.
So the friend's wedding happened and she couldn’t be there just as expected. She saw their wedding photos on Facebook and wished them luck. The bride was beautiful and they made a great pair together. Though the pictures only manifested a young, healthy and charming girl, she somehow also felt a sympathy for the girl since she had learned from her husband that the bride was physically disabled owing to a crippled leg.
A week later, she opened her Facebook page to a picture of the happy couple in the middle of the road on a bike under the morning sun. The picture had the hashtags #roadtrip #adventure #missionmunnar. It suddenly struck her that having a physical disability does not hold someone back from doing things. It is the mind and the people around you that actually cripples you and holds you back. With a disabled leg, this girl is doing much better than the fully capable person that she is. She is going places and living life to the fullest with her love to hold her hands firmly when she falls.

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