The father in my Husband!!!
|   Jul 05, 2016
The father in my Husband!!!

It’s been almost four years since we are married and we are blessed with a lovely baby girl  she is 2 years old now. My husband and I work in the same company. We live with our in-laws and that’s why it’s easy for us to leave our child behind and go to work every day.

So one fine day, my husband calls me to the extension phone and tells me the good news that he has got an onsite assignment and he has to travel in a month and stay there for six months. I didn’t know how to react. Obviously I was happy for him it was his first time and he always dreamt of this experience. From the tone of his speech I was sure he was thrilled about it. So keeping the same momentum I said congratulations  he hung up saying he has some formalities to be completed soon and he will catch up with me later.

Now I had the time to think and I was wondering what about me and my daughter. Should we travel with him or stay back here. I wouldn’t give up my job for six months for sure, but at the same time I couldn’t live without him back here for so long. The big question running in my mind was how he will stay without his daughter. He loves her so much, he is a doting father. His day starts with her and ends with her. There is no single day he has stayed away from her. But I thought he is a mature man, he has made up his mind, he has taken right decisions, and it is for the good.

On the day he had to fly, we all went to drop him to airport. We three, my husband, daughter and I were in one cab. We were an hour away from airport. I was busy checking if I have packed everything and haven’t missed and messed anything. After a moment, I saw tears in his eyes. That was the second time I ever saw him cry (first was when she was born). He was hugging his little angel who was asleep and isn’t even aware and that her dad will not be with her for next few months. It was such an emotional display of a father and daughter relationship. I knew it would be very hard for him. He couldn’t stop crying for few minutes and then he told me, it was most painful moment of his life so far. He made me take vows that I will take care of her to my best and be her dad and mom both for the next six months. I had tears in my eyes not because I will miss him but because he was going to miss his daughter miserably.

That day I saw a father in my husband. Till that day I always thought I loved my daughter more than he did but I was wrong. Now when he has gone there, he makes sure they have Skype calls every day. Its pleasure to see the excitement in both of them when they are talking. He talks to her more than he talks to me. Yes, my daughter is the other woman in his life 


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