Tips on Potty-training: Things that really work...
|   Jul 12, 2017
Tips on Potty-training: Things that really work...

Rolling, crawling, walking, climbing, running, stacking, talking, thinking, expressing, socializing, scribbling, reading and writing etc. etc. Sometimes, I wonder how much they learn and do as babies and toddlers!

One of such important developmental milestones is potty training. Training two toddlers seemed like a daunting task to me. I started at 18 months. I got a portable potty seat and would make them sit when I thought was the potty time. This however, did not work since the girls would carry it around like a toy. I started putting it only in the bathroom to teach them it has a purpose but it still didn't work. It was frustrating initially. I had no help, had two babies and I would be cooking and that would be the time for them to potty!

So, initially took me time to get the hang of it. Then, we got Potty ring to put on the regular toilet seat. I started taking them to pee almost every half an hour or so. This worked pretty well. Once they got comfortable with the idea of using potty seat and siting in the bathroom, they also started pooping on the potty seat. By the time they went to preschool, they were fully potty trained.

But hey, each child is unique and potty training might seem a difficult task to most of the new parents. So, here are a few tips that may help you potty train your little one.

  • Start at the right time - This is the most important thing. Starting early is frustrating and starting late makes it more difficult. Timing is the key. Your little one needs to be ready for it - both physically and emotionally.
  • How to know when they are ready - Watchfor the cues - When they are mostly dry during nap time, dry for longer period of time, when they touch down there before peeing or pooping, wanting to be changed immediately after pooping or showing interest in bathroom. Generally most of the kids are ready to train around two to two and a half.
  • Take them off the diaper for some time - As you start training, they need to be off the diaper for some time. This will make them realize how peeing and pooping feels and will also help you know when they need to go.
  • Be ready for initial setback- I would sit with them in the bathroom for 10 mins or so and when we come out that's when they would pee! Remember, it takes time and patience is a virtue!
  • Get the right potty seat - You might have to try a few to see what works for your child.
  • Make it fun - Yes, you heard it right! Stickers, talks, songs or dance, whatever works, the fun element is important.
  • Show them how it's done - Books, videos and you. Yes, as you start, making them your potty companion is a good idea.
  • A few extras - To start with, it is important to put them on potty seat every half an hour to pee. They might hold it initially. Comfort them and explain that it's important! Don't forget to praise. Continue trying and dealing with a few accidents initially. Wiping and cleaning by themselves would eventually follow.

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