Happy Birthday mycity4kids!
|   Oct 11, 2016
Happy Birthday mycity4kids!

I have always cherished the art of writing since childhood but this hobby had taken a backseat once life happened. Corporate job, marriage and the hectic schedules during that phase left me with no time to hold the pen. When I became a mother, the various layers of emotions of motherhood that I went through inspired me to write a poem for my daughter on our first Mother's Day. And then there was no stopping me! With immense encouragement from all the family members, I began expressing myself as and when I got some time in the form of various poems, articles and stories. I created my own website and published all my literary work on it. However, I was looking for a platform to reach out to a wider audience and my pursuit ended with "mycity4kids". What impressed me the most was the ocean of information available on mycity4kids. From specific information about your city to a plethora of parenting related blogs/videos by experts, editorial team and experienced mothers, it has all that any mom or would be mom looks for.


Whether you want to write to chase your passion for writing or for sharing your experience, knowledge or views with other mothers, mycity4kids provides a great opportunity for you to live your dream. It is not possible for everyone to create their own blog/website as some may not have the time and some may not have the technical expertise and inclination for it. mycity4kids provides a simple front end to create your own blog on their blogging network which can be completed in minutes and you get the advantage to reach the millions of visitors of the website. Once I created my blog space here and started publishing my posts, I got a positive response from all the mommies which was a great boost to my confidence to write more. It is also extremely inspiring to read the blog posts from my fellow mommy bloggers. It is an amazing and enriching experience to read all kinds of posts ranging from emotional to humourous, and informative to thought-provoking. This huge blogging platform is a powerful tool to influence and get influenced positively, to bring about change in mindsets that affect the upbringing of the next generation.  There is so much to learn here and so much to earn; by connecting to moms across the world I have earned friends and by getting associated with such a grand platform, I have earned some credibility as a blogger. I have also earned memories for life through special moments like receiving the top blogger award for my blogpost: http://www.mycity4kids.com/parenting/my-voice/article/i-am-not-going-to-assume-that-my-daughter-will-marry


Today, few of my write-ups have been published by various magazines and journals but I owe whatever little success I have achieved in this field to mycity4kids. Because of them, my voice got an audience and my thoughts took flight. Congratulations to the entire team of mycity4kids on completion of 6 glorious years! It takes a lot of talent, hard work and persistence to be the pioneers and achieve success in such a short span of time. Happy birthday - many more milestones to come! I am blessed to be a part of this journey. Heartfelt thanks.




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