Musings by the Sea - An ode to my daughter
|   May 11, 2016
Musings by the Sea - An ode to my daughter

This poem is an outcome of a moment I experienced at the beach with my 15 months old daughter. Parenting does make us ponder, sometimes even inadvertently :) 

Sitting at the seashore, basking in our moment, 

My eyes wander to an effervescent adolescent. 

In a trice, my mind starts brimming with thoughts of your future, 

Pondering over sowing the right seeds for you as I nurture. 

With a hopeful gleam in my eyes and a smile on my lips, 

My grey matter begins to converse with you about life, the tricks and tips. 

I cannot promise you a life full of happiness, 

Because life, my baby, is a beautiful mess. 

It is going to be like these waves of the sea, 

With its peaks and lows, without a symmetry. 

There will be moments of tranquil, and moments of chaos, 

You'll often be humored, and often inundated with pathos. 

Just like the waves kindle our spirits in its every manifestation, 

Get drenched through the crests and troughs, the storms and stills of life, and have fun.

The world is constantly weaving magic with infinite joy on a platter, 

We need to keep finding our mojo from what it has to offer. 

Understand that true ecstasy is seldom externally driven,

It's within you, and in your atman lies your heaven. 

Abruptly, I am jostled out of my reverie by your uninhibited, charming giggle, 

Experiencing euphoria, warmth and harmony as we cuddle. 

- Anupama Dalmia

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