Are you stopping your child from expressing himself through wall art?
|   Jul 05, 2016
Are you stopping your child from expressing himself through wall art?
Does she have a normal tongue, are you considering a speech therapist, she is on your family-side remember your sister's daughter started talking late? 
Lame statements from family and even friends over concern for my girl’s unclear speech but not imperative then me, 2.5 yr. old Antara's mother.
A degree in child development never really helped me to become a hands on equipped parent, in fact I was more anxious then my fellow mom-friends. Being a working mother for 2 years and then a sudden professional break made me learn a lot of things about life in general, myself and my child.
Antara means classical music note, and the very meaning did rub on her with acute interest in music from an early age. She would dance along, even give subtle expressions but no lip sync. I always felt she will take her time to utter clear words like her friends, but slowly somewhere the societal pressure started messing up with my mind.
I believe that a child brings out the parent in you and not the vice versa. Our job is to bring out the child in ourselves. Tough one, but worth a try!
Antara started holding a pencil at the age of 1.5 yrs. and by 2 grew fond of it. Last year, during winters on a late evening she took her pencil made a small doodle on the wall, my instant reaction was cruel. That very night I went on an introspection mode and decided to take a step back and observe her. In the coming days, I slowly accepted her interest in doing wall art. Initially there were tiny doodles here and there, and later start of this year it gained momentum.
 In February this year, her cousin brother, whom she is very fond of, visited and they both thoroughly enjoyed doing wall doodling together. They would run with a pencil, crayon anything that could write and make streaks across walls. There was something magical about it.
A relatively reserved and quiet Antara was opening up, her eyes twinkled every time she turned to walls, her new love. She found expression in wall art and became much more content and happy. Now this rendezvous appears more intimate, she will take her crayon in a corner to draw and appears deep in thought at times.
A trip to Nani house during summer vacation further enhanced Antara’s outlook, my mother completely banned me from forcing her to speak and kept her like a free bird. Mom would sing, say rhymes or even dance with her only when Antara wanted to. Just watching them was a bliss, and I often just wanted to disappear and let them bask in solace of innocence and freedom.
Very evidently on our return, I felt Antara was coming out more and more and I didn’t know how to encompass this happiness which none could feel but only me. I just felt so blessed. Thanks mother for reminding me the joy of patience and freedom. It all made so much sense.
All this while, I faced lot of resistance from visitors but honestly that never bothered me. In one such episode a colleague asked me "Don’t you love your walls?” I said "My walls tell a tale, what about yours?" .
We know childhood never comes again but still crib over petty things, self-create dilemma and dodge them too! In a society where by large people try to bring down your parenting confidence, thanks to commercial interest in education, health-care etc., it does gets tough to stay wise and clear. Just take a step back and listen to your inner voice, you know, you have all the answers within.
Happy parenting!


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