Are we so gullible – Love or Lust?
|   Feb 16, 2016
Are we so gullible – Love or Lust?

The recent incident of the Snapdeal employee who mysteriously went missing sent the nation in a tizzy. The fact that she was kidnapped by a stalker who was following her for some time and had conspired inspired by the film Darr,  in which lead actor played a crazed stalker, ran shivers down the spine of worried parents.


The girl, apparently, had escaped safe on several previous occasions only because she exercised caution of not entering shared auto which had no other women passengers – the thumb rule for many. But this time, she was naively trapped.


You can’t blame the innocent girl for not being watchful - she wisely selected her co- passengers on a shared mode of transport, she kept her parents informed of her whereabouts, alerted others on a sense of danger – yet became such an easy victim.


How safe are we – to others’ lust?  Are we so gullible and compelled to others’ love for us?


Yes we are gullible. Be it a case of Psychopath stalker or a heart-broken lover or a rejected married proposal – we are gullible to their love (read lust). And mind you, this definitely is not gender specific. Guys are equally at risks as girl. There have been several instances of girls threatening to cut their veins for rejected proposals!


We are sadly in an era where becoming victims is so easy that there is no pre-defined list of do’s and don’ts but only a right judgment based on your sixth sense.


As parents, easier said than done, it is important to inculcate in children the ability to listen and believe their sixth sense - as in most of the cases - your intuition speaks before others actions.


It is also important to teach them disaster management strategies so that they use their presence of mind to escape the ultimate rather than freeze of fear that moment.


What also plays a significant role, is their awareness on the realities of life - speak to them on such instances and make them aware of what is happening around them so that the seeker does not catch its unassuming prey without batting an eyelid.


Before expecting a child to have confidence to approach a parent with his intuition or sense of danger, it is essential to instill confidence in them – that you will hear, that you will understand, that you will not rubbish it out and that you will protect. Only if the child has this degree of confidence, will he be willing to share his fears with you.


When the environment around us is not conducive - it is best that we equip ourselves - to the little extent we can! 

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