Does your child always eat Healthy? No!!! : A mother with no guilt
|   Aug 31, 2016
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Does your child always eat Healthy? No!!! : A mother with no guilt

As a tired mother of a two-year-old – the cycle of breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner seems too exhaustive. I wonder if God could have made it easy for us by programming us like camels, who stores food in his hunch? Or at least like an animal who could just pick whatever raw and eat it. But alas, we are humans and that too mothers to little humans whose senses of taste, sight and smell are sharper than we adults.

How about a banana, I asked? No, came the straight reply an apple or an orange?
How about a chocolate

I walked out of the room straight to my prayer room to ask Lord to help me overcome my stress!

Those charts of iron, calcium and protein still confuse me enough but common sense prevail to know what my child should be eating and what not.

They say aerated drinks, chocolates, preservatives, chips and all junks are a big No ­ ask a normal human and he will agree ­ ask a mother and she will give you a look in despair. It is definitely easier said than done.

You may vouch to give her dry fruits instead of chocolates, fresh juices instead of aerated, bambino instead of maida noodles, adding an extra spoon of Jr Horlicks in the plain milk ­ but for how long can you deprive them of tasting it? And once tasted, where all will you stop them from eating it – the task is quite impossible.

I went back to her play room and asked.

How about banana dipped in chocolate?

Yes, she said

Not the best thing to do. But my guilt reduces seeing pieces of banana in her plate, which would have not been eaten otherwise!

I used these cheats on several occasions ­ adding a scoop of ice-cream to a milk shake, adding a drink supplement to the milk, topping it with roasted dry fruits, substituting sugar with honey, replacing sauce with homemade ketchup, making a healthy soup with spinach and egg or mixing all the vegetables and hiding them in a roll.

Undoubtedly, kid need special nutrients but the fact also remains, they need special taste too. While you should endeavor to give healthy food on every available occasion – it is also okay to give ­in at times without a feeling of guilt.

Does your kid always have to eat healthy ­ doctors may say a yes ­ but as a mother ­ I say no, not always! And to make sure that your child is not missing out on her/his nutritional needs, just add Junior Horlicks to her/his milk.

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