Letter to Ma : A Working Mother turned to a SAHM!
|   Apr 19, 2016
Letter to Ma : A Working Mother turned to a SAHM!

Dear Ma,


As a mother of a two year old, I sit back and think of my first memories with you.


I recollect you to be smiling and full of joy and love for me. I recollect you of always being in a rush – rush to cook, rush to drape your saree, rush to send me to school, rush to reach office on time, rush to reach home on time, rush to drop the caretaker home, rush to cook the dinner – yet you never compromised on me. You were always by my side - playing, laughing and cuddling me. You were always available for those frequent emergency calls from school informing you that my stomach was paining or complaining that I wasn’t doing well academically. You always knew my teachers, my friends, my happiness, my sorrow – you were just there despite being a working mother.


There were moments I did not find you around - but you always made adequate arrangements to ensure I was not displaced. Your constant follow-ups and concerns were enough to comfort me and spread the aura of your presence. It was those moments that taught me to be the strong independent girl I am today.


Tears roll down as I think of those beautiful memories I have with you. You had all the patience to handle an angry toddler and teach her meditation at the mere age of 7. You had all the determination to make an under-performer an achiever. You had all the love to fill my heart with positivity and optimism. You had all the compassion to teach us to stay grounded. You had all the characteristics that made me define what a perfect woman should be like.


I am sure, just like me, you had ambitions, you had plans, you carved for financial independence and you enjoyed the rush as much as you enjoyed the peace. I also today know, how high your colleagues thought of you and how much you still are respected at your workplace – specially by the housekeeping and ground staff – that speaks volumes of your humility. You were afterall, a young lady enjoying the high point of your career.


Then things changed and with the change you became a homemaker –a SAHM. I never saw you stop though. You did your household duties to perfection. Maybe, the quantity of time spent with us was higher and that helped me bond better with you. You never exhibited any frustration of yours neither did you blame us ever for you being a SAHM. You managed finances to always provide us what we required. You taught us to hear a no for an answer and be reasonable with our demands. You cherished the time you were spending with us as you knew the bird ultimately had to fly away from the nest.


We fought, we loved, we cared – whether you were a working mom or a SAHM – it made no difference to me because you always did justice to your role.


But today, when I sit back and analyze after 28 years – I realize – what a compromise you had to make – you let go of your financial independence – you let go of your career growth – you let go of your identity – you let go of your self-confidence – all for us and never complained about it. If today, me saying this, gives any purpose to your sacrifices – then ma, Thank you very much for being with us. I am so proud that you had the courage to embrace change so beautifully for us. I am so proud that you are my mother – you are a super-mom : whether as a Working Mother or a SAHM!

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