Mom - Why are we choking?
|   Nov 22, 2016
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Mom - Why are we choking?

As the neighour burnt heaps of dried leaves behind their garden, my little baby rushed to me and asked, ‘Mom - Why are we choking?’  I rushed to shut the doors and windows, but by then a lot of damage was done. My house - the only place, I feel my child breathes free was almost choking.

Repeated request were of no help and Google seemed as a possible solution. “How to make the air at home pure” - a simple search changed my perspective of “Pure Indoor Air”.

Have you ever thought, why do you get up towards dawn sneezing or coughing or with a sudden burst of allergies. You are after all in the most secure place - your cozy home - away from smoky vehicles or commercial set-ups. We all know in those magic hours of sleep we breathe deep - enriching our body with plenty of oxygen. But, do we breathe right in our sleep? Maybe not!

Imagine, what damage could eight to ten hours of breathing impure irritating particles could do to your respiratory system. This coupled with the other pollutants you inhale all through the day.

If you happen to go to the woods or jungle, or a resort, or a farm-stay, you would certainly notice the air smells fresher - you do not feel stuffed up or choked rather feel rested and rejuvenated.

With the onset of winters, the time spent at home increases substantially. The time we open our doors and windows is a lot less increasing the indoor air pollutants triggering allergies. Many Many people don't even realize that they are suffering from allergies, assuming it’s the viral owing to change in weather.

Some research online, surprised me further, it stated some dairy products like candles, carpets, cleaning products, paints, air conditioners, air fresheners - are all a cloud of airborne indoor pollutants. Is acceptance to this daily impure way of life, okay? Can there be no solution to this? You cannot do much about the pollutants you inhale outside the four boundaries of your home but yes, there is a solution for enhancing the quality of air in your own house where you spend a substantial time

Though a list of Dos and Donts was also prescribed, it made me think of how much we take ourselves for granted. Having said that, there were also time-consuming remedial measures suggested which did not fit in the existing chaotic work-life balance.

I researched a little future, to see if there were easier solutions available, and decided to invest in a high quality Air Purifier to enhance the quality of air my little baby breathes in my home. As a cautious mother, I knew purchase of Eureka Forbes Air Purifier rested my fears to peace, of attempting to stop us from choking after a good night's sleep.

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