The Magic Potion of Breast-Milk
The Magic Potion of Breast-Milk

As they placed her on my blossom, the enduring pain seemed to have vanished. She was so fragile, so delicate - yet looked so big to fit in that small tummy. I marveled at the wonders of God on how beautiful step by step, life gets formed. What also seemed like a miracle, is that how a part of my own body, my breasts, were able to produce a magic potion for my baby, that was full of antibodies that would help her fight off virus and bacteria.

Like any new mother, I was anxiously waiting to see if I could satisfy my baby’s hunger. I had read enough that though breast milk was the best for babies, one shouldn’t panic if there isn’t enough. Trust me, those all words are good in literature. The suspense is so taxing that its forms a cloud on your sensibilities.

As I carefully tucked her in myself, introducing her to her first feed, she used all the might and sucked the colostrum. The crying instantly stopped and I could feel her gulp the little drops of it. Tears rolled down my eyes, not of pain, but of joy. It was so contending to see the peace on her face. It felt like a battle was won against an unseen monster.

It was a smooth journey since then. It never seemed like a chore or a task as I would bond with my child so intimately those couple of moments. I would sing to her, talk to her and fondle her. While my husband went ahead to provided every support I needed including a soothing personal space for the baby and me, my mother-in-law prioritized my feed times above any other household work. The nutritious food and a content baby ensured an adequate flow of milk.

As I resumed work, I was given few extra grace minutes in my lunch hours to feed my daughter and the breast-pump came to rescue the other times.

I proudly fed my daughter till she turned one and a half - bearing with all the naughty bites, all advices of giving up on feeding beyond six months as it makes the baby clingy and my own erratic schedule.

As my daughter turns two, today, I cherish those fond moments of bonding with her. I feel content of not depriving her of what God rightly provided for her, which was possible because of the conducive supportive environment provided by all.

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