The Woman In Me..
|   Mar 02, 2016
The Woman In Me..

The strength in me – the power in me – the spirit in me – the perseverance in me – that’s me – the Woman in me

The wisdom in me – the balance in me – the hope in me – the faith in me – the aura in me – the glee in me – that's me – the Woman in me


The Woman in me suddenly evolved and that became ME. Today as I stand sturdy and strong – I can see the power of the Woman in me.


She is the caregiver  - to the family that respectfully looks upto her for daily needs

She is the strength  - to the parents who lovingly seek emotional support

She is the companion  - to the husband who needs a friend for lifetime

She is the nurturer  - to the daughter who God thought she well deserved

She is the pride  - to her in-laws who know she represents family ethics

She is the laughter  - to friends who know she is magic around them

She is the hope  - to the servants who have no voice

She is an angel  - to the orphan boy she supports

She is a task-maker - to a profession that demands for it

She is a beauty - to humanity : from outside and within


The beauty of the Woman in me is that she has to don so many beautiful caps at the same time – She has to be stern and straight yet gentle and loving; she has to be grounded yet always has her wings to fly; she is authoritative yet humble; she has strength yet breaks down.


The Woman in me is eternity - for her own self – for all the roles she plays. She is complete – in the joy she get when she gives selflessly.  The woman in me is a vibe, an aura that touches everyone. The woman in me is a fragrance that brightens everyone. The woman is me is the best thing that could have happened to me. The Woman in me knows how to do justice to self – to evolve as a person and grow as an individual.


The Woman in me has taught me who I am – or what I am capable of – how far my wings can spread and how high I can fly. The Woman in me has made me realized how beautiful relationships are and the magic of nurturing them.


The Woman in me is every woman I see in various roles daily – Saluting Womanhood and the power of Woman!

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