To the Teacher who stood with me in the Test of Life – Ma!
|   Sep 03, 2016
To the Teacher who stood with me in the Test of Life – Ma!

She taught me the alphabets, she taught me the vowels, she followed them with words and sang a rhyme in perfect rhythm. She taught me the numbers, she showed me how to count, she added and subtracted and invented all the puzzles.

She knew none yet braved all odds – tried explaining classification of microorganisms and the world war. She trembled at Hindi and had no clue at Sanskrit, yet encouraged me to ace it without any trouble.

She taught me to say Please, she taught me to say Thank You, she taught me to be humble and say I am Sorry.

She held me when I was low and fuelled my wings, she asked me to fly beyond what I could vision. She told me it was okay to cry, she displayed the importance of bouncing back. She would never let me accept defeat on grounds of my age or gender.

She was my first friend and a role model too. She emitted an aura of perfection that was impossibly true. She understood my pain, she knew my discomfort. She knew when the nerves jerked and when the confidence overpowered.

She protected me from the bully but also ensured I didn’t become a sissy. She was a spectator who would guide like an angel – her omnipresence in my life helped me overcome the shadows of evil.

She taught me the most valuable lessons of life – she demonstrated the meaning of life. She proved to me I was worthy enough to love myself. She taught me to value relationships and cherish friendships.

She stood firm with me in the test of life – To say that she was not the best teacher would be a lie – THANK YOU MOM for being my Best Teacher. There can never be words enough to Thank You – there can only be enough demonstrations of my persona that make you proud of me!

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