Lesson From Titan Raga's new ad- Motherhood as a choice and not a sacrifice!
|   Feb 06, 2017
Lesson From Titan Raga's new ad- Motherhood as a choice and not a sacrifice!

Titan Raga has released its latest campaign which captures the evolved Indian woman who is expecting a baby, with her mother.

The Film opens at a family gathering. A man raises a toast and urges a mother to be to deliver a speech at the gathering. She says that she believes she will be that type of mother who wouldn’t be able to cook chapatis for her child, nor would she wait late night for the child to be back home.

She points towards her mother, and thanks her for the unconventional way she brought her up. She thanks her for her travel tales, for doing her Phd at the age of 45, and finally for loving her own life as much as she loved her.

Indian woman is going through the paradigm shift in the status they enjoy in the society. They are taking their decisions and contributing equally in the progressive growth of the society. One such decision in every woman’s life is MOTHERHOOD. Increasingly more and more woman is having a say in this decision so as to when they want a baby and how they want to raise her.

Most mothers I have notice will shop for the house, their children or their husbands first before buying anything for themselves. It is the issue of sacrifice and mother. Women most especially mothers have been known to give up their lives for their children, some give up their career, dreams or needs for their children and husband.

But at what point does their choices crops the boundaries of sacrifice? At what point does the mother begin to live her life through her children? Is this the reason a lot of our mothers are unhappy?

Is Motherhood really about sacrifice or some say or about making choices? You made a choice to have a child right?

One thing I am sure of is that once you become a Mother everything about you changes, whether you like it or not.

There is a school of thought that says Good mothers are the ones who make sacrifices? Really? But what are these sacrifices? If I may ask I am not against mother sacrificing for the sake of their children, I am only saying while doing that, do not lose the essence of who you are. Love yourself, your Life first to spread the love around!


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