My Son Taught me The Most Important Lesson Of My Life- To Live!
|   Oct 25, 2016
My Son Taught me The Most Important Lesson Of My Life- To Live!

It is accepted norm that a mother plays the most important role in the rearing of her children. But I can emphatically state that I grew up to a large extent after the birth of my son. Does it seem strange?

The fact is that even though most of the time children may seem like little devils, they are true angels that teach us a lot about how we can make our lives better. As soon as they are conceived the maternal instinct of love, care and responsibility aroused and I turned into a more responsible, loving and caring person from that day on. As he grew , both my son and I look forward to bedtime story sessions. My imagination took wings as I made up several interesting anecdotes which I never would have done otherwise.

Shall I tell you about my childhood?”I tell him about my upbringing throwing in some funny incidents and at the same time teaching him some values.

I started worrying about which school my child would go. I read the small print about admission criteria very, very carefully  indeed and did the job of an R&D department trying to find out the best of schools with good ratings. Subsequently I sharpened my intellect to face the parent’s interview at the time of admission. As, he is growing,  I am also growing with him, and have started gaining the pleasure from the small things in life which I had earlier overlooked.

When my child’s face radiated with joy on seeing a beautiful flower or a small funny act, the same enthusiasm infected me as well. I have discovered many other hidden instincts in me after my child’s birth. Decorating the hall for his birthday parties turned on the switch of the interior decorator in me! I enjoy every bit of my role, though stressful at times.

I have learnt the most important lesson of my life in these years that is ANGER MANAGEMENT! I have learned the art controlling my anger by being firm with him when necessary without raising voice and at the same time coaxed and cajoled him at other times- a mother’s love, I suppose!

 I have mastered various other skills like Time Management, Cooking Skill, and Financial Management. The abilities which were dormant in me were activated by my child. It is in fact apt, and no exaggeration to say that I have grown up with and because of my child.

Finally I understood that,” We never know the love of the parent until we become parents ourselves”, which is indeed the most valuable lesson.



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