Happy First Birthday My Precious!
|   Dec 06, 2016
Happy First Birthday My Precious!

Happy First Birthday My Precious!

My little cupcake, I am writing this letter in a hope that one day it will bring as big smile on your face while reading it, as I have while writing it.  

You amaze me each day and no, I am not exaggerating you really do. You are such bundle of happiness that no one can be sad or dull when you are around. Your father is a man of less words but the happiness I see in his eyes when he holds you in his arms can not be described in words. 

* You smile at anyone and everyone walking on the road. From a man driving a car to a rag-picker lady. Few get little hesitant at first but your persistence always brings a huge grin on their faces. There is so much to learn from you my munchkin.

* Your immense love towards animal caught me of guarded. I love animals too but never had a pet, which explains my uneasiness when it comes to holding them. You on the other hand seems pro in it. "Bhow Bhow"(Neighbor's Dog's name given by you) is your best buddy. Barking of a dog calms you down and the smile it brings on your face is priceless.

* Everything is music for you quite literally. Your maasi could not stop laughing when you started dancing on train's noise and whistle. Catchy sound beat gets your attention in a jiffy. "Dhakkad" from movie named Dangal is your recent favorite. Your dance moves are to die for. You start moving your bum even if you are half asleep if the music starts playing somewhere. Famous Indian "dhol" sound works better than a pacifier when you cry.

* Stranger anxiety, camera shy, travel sickness are all alien words for you. Your birthday bash had more than hundred people but neither were you cranky nor clingy on mom. My "born poser", you love getting clicked as much as camera loves your innocent naughty shots.

You have started taking your first wobbly steps recently and my happiness is beyond words. Every time you hug me tightly and lay your head on my shoulder, I feel at peace. Each morning you wake up with such beautiful smile and spread it to anyone who picks you up. We don't have lazy mornings anymore.

You make my world beautiful my precious. Keep spreading love and happiness. I Love You...



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