Laughter Dose...
|   Nov 09, 2016
Laughter Dose...

I married a man of many talents. His interests are absolutely different from mine. For example talking less, gadget love and believes that aliens are real (like really?). Here is what happened on one Sunday evening:

I told him to bring “Bhindi”, on demand from one of the guests who were coming over for dinner. I saw him taking his bike keys out from holder and said I will be back in 15 minutes.

It’s a ritual in my house that whenever he goes out for buying veggies he always calls back to confirm to save another trip to the supermarket. I was expecting a call from him and my phone rang (now you see why I told you it’s a ritual).

Hi: Hello

Me: Hi, Yes

Hubby: Which size do you want?

Me (Confused): What did you say( I thought I misheard him due to noisy background of market)

Hubby: Arey which size do you want baba?

Me (Confused and bit angry): What are saying? You have gone crazy just ask bhaiya to give 500 gms.

Now it was his turn to be confused. I think he was trying really hard to understand what was going on. So he asked Shopkeeper again.

Him (Confused and slightly tensed): Arey listen naa, this bhiyaa is asking which one do you usually buy.

Me (Angry as hell): Give phone to that idiot sabjiwala, let me talk to him. He has gone crazy I swear.

Poor confused husband handed over the phone to Shopkeeper.

Shopkeeper: Haan ji madam

Me: Kya bhaiya bhindi bhi size dekh ke bech rahe ho kya (Are you selling veggies as per sizes now ?)

After talking to the shopkeeper I burst into laughter. As it turns out my husband was at the cosmetic store to buy "Bindi" instead of "Bhindi" for me.

We still laugh about that incident and there are many more. I think these little laughter doses are real reason to keep a relationship healthy and happy.

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