Let Them Fall And Learn...
|   Jul 13, 2017
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Let Them Fall And Learn...

Ever heard of over protective mothers?  No? Are you sure you aren’t one?

I am guilty of being over protective many a times and recently realized this, once I visited my mom’s place. Along with motherhood comes this motherly instinct to keep our little munchkins safe from anything and everything. 

Newborns are meant to be taken care of and should be watched round-the-clock. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying once they step into toddler-hood we should stop keeping an eye on them. We need to understand that, they won’t learn to walk until they fall. I am going to describe a couple of situations and my reaction in that moment let me know if you can relate to it:

1)      Baby V started walking in her wobbling steps and I was on cloud nine. Being a social butterfly (learned this term pretty recently from a dear friend) I wanted to share it on social media. I picked up my phone and started making a video, as I switched on the phone, baby V started to wobble and I wanted to catch her before she touched the ground. I tried to be a James Bond and wanted to catch her, however, I missed the table right in front of me. I toppled over and cursed that table. I looked up and saw my munchkin happily walking towards me and smiling.

Lesson learned: She fell and started walking again, while I got distracted and instead of getting up, started cursing the table. There is just so much to learn from these tiny human beings.

2)      Baby V and I were at my mom’s place for summer vacation. It was raining and I was standing on the balcony, enjoying the weather. Little one woke up and wanted to go outside and play. Along with her cousins before I could say yes or no she vanished. I went after her to see and bring her back inside as she might catch a cold. Mom, standing next to me looked at me and said: “Let her play, let her enjoy too”. Mom made me realize I can’t keep her cushioned and be over protective always.

Lesson Learned: Let kids be kids and we must stop being over protective unnecessarily.

Soon she will start going to school, I cannot be there every time she falls. I understand this and now trying to be calm when I see her jumping and falling over. I make sure to carry some bandages and wet wipes with me when I go to park with her. I keep an eye and am cautious of anything that might be hazardous but I don’t try to be James Bond anymore, when she decides to explore the dirt on rides or jump in the mud in our garden, I just sit and try to savor the moment of my bundle of joy growing up and getting stronger each day.     

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