Momspiration is everywhere…just look around!
|   May 13, 2017
Momspiration is everywhere…just look around!

Mother’s day is around the corner again and internet is flooded with heartfelt messages for all the moms out there.  As we say that every child is special, I strongly believe so is every mother. This mother’s day I have decided to pen down my thoughts for the ladies I see each day and get inspired from their ordeals of daily life:

Mom who cries in the bathroom and comes back with a smile in front of the baby:

I know taking care of a tiny human being is really hard and trust me, it is harder than it looks. A Girl who was habitual of trying various hairstyles, dresses, and matching lip shade with matching sandals for every outing, can no longer think of anything other than a mommy bun, peed on clothes, cold tea and sleepless nights. The girl who was not good at taking orders is now following the “baby’s routine” because the little one is the boss now or at least till he/she doesn’t understand your language other than ga-ga gi-gi go-go.  The last thing she wants to hear is a question mark on her choice of parenting style. Whether the baby is breastfed or top fed or whether it’s a diaper or cloth is none of your business and please don’t poke your nose into it. New mothers or any mother for that matter knows and does what is right for their child and nobody has a right to question it.

“Society is made of us and we are the ones who can make it better for everyone by being more supportive and less judgmental.”  

Mom who carries her baby to her workplace without a hint of being uncomfortable:

I called in the maintenance department of my apartment to take care of some seepage issue. Around 4:00 p.m. doorbell rang and I saw two ladies standing in front of me asking if I am facing any troubles with seepage. I show them the living room area which needs to be fixed while I continuously look at the lady wearing green saree and has a baby strapped on her back. Her baby was around the same age as my little one. This lady did her job and took care of the baby alongside her work throughout.

In a while, the baby started to get a little cranky and she asked if she can use the restroom. I said yes and thought she might have to use the loo. To my surprise, she came out of the restroom with the baby sleeping in her lap and told me that she needed a place to breastfeed. If I had known, I would have told her to use any room to feed her baby instead of going to the restroom.

As cliché, the situation might sound but I learned that day that “Being uncomfortable” is all in your head and you are as strong as you can be. Breastfeeding in public areas is still frowned upon in many places around the globe.

“Society is made of us and we are the ones who can make it better for everyone by being more supportive and less judgmental.”

Mom who makes sure to bring treats for her kid coming to home from work just to feel a little less guilty:

Every day when I go to take a walk with my baby, I see this lady buying small packets of treats. She smiled one day and asked how old my baby is. The conversation grew and I got to know that she is a mother of a toddler too. I asked her the reason for buying these little packets of treat every day and her response made me question our society norms again.

She is an educated well-earning woman, however; constantly being asked by people around her that how is she managing to leave her little one at home while she goes to work. As if mommy is already not filled with guilt because little one clings to her in the morning and wails when she leaves for the office, we make sure to shower some more judgmental comments on her.

“Society is made of us and we are the ones who can make it better for everyone by being more supportive and less judgmental.”  

Love, hugs, and kisses to all the mothers out there who are trying their best to be the “best mom” in the world for their little munchkins. Mommies you are best and there is nothing more precious than smiles on your and your little one’s face.  

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