My Pregnancy Made Our Bond Stronger….Mom and me!
|   Aug 11, 2017
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My Pregnancy Made Our Bond Stronger….Mom and me!

I decided to be at my mom’s place for my delivery and reached there in my second trimester of pregnancy. This time my equation with mom was different. The day I got to know that a little life was growing inside me, something changed within. I swear it was as if my perspective of looking at things changed overnight. There were so many emotions that it made me feel queasy.


Remember how your mother kept pestering you to do a few things when you were in your teens and you couldn’t get along with your mum, no matter what. Well, that was me. I moved to a different city in my early twenties and until then, I never really had any serious heart to heart talk with mom.


I think our bond got stronger than ever during this long stay at my mom’s place. Since our school days, mom has followed few things religiously and made sure that I followed it too. Out of many such things, one rule that I hated the most was drinking milk. Yes, I was that difficult child out of all 4 of us who made sure to throw a tantrum every time a glass of milk was offered. I remember my mom singing songs or reciting stories just to make sure that I gulp down that glass of milk without tears in my eyes.


From childhood till pregnancy, one thing did not change and that was my disliking towards milk. Mom got to know about this. This one time, she offered me a glass of milk and I squeaked the word ‘NO’ as I used to do in school. She let out a laugh. Despite reading a lot about the importance of milk during pregnancy, I just wasn’t able to get myself to drink it.


Mom made sure that I ate nutritional food for a healthy pregnancy. She told me that a balanced diet helps to maintain baby’s birth weight right throughout nine months.  Right nutrition and baby’s growth go hand in hand. During our walks in the park, she kept reiterating the importance of milk and how important it is for baby’s development.  After much of mom’s persistence, I decided to give it a try.


I researched and read about the health drinks available in the market. I am fond of Kesar, so my search began with the flavor preference.  Mother’s Horlicks caught my eye. I read that it is scientifically designed for expecting mothers and has many vital nutrients. I started drinking one cup of milk twice a day. Every time I enjoyed Kesar flavored Mother’s Horlicks, it gave me the satisfaction that I am providing something healthy to the little one inside me. Since then, milk is an important part of a daily meal plan.


Mom and I had many conversations during our evening walks, tea- time chit chat and those long gossip sessions. I am forever thankful for my little munchkin; she gave me the chance to develop a stronger bond with my mom than ever before.

Disclaimer: (The views, opinions and recommendations expressed in this article are solely those of the author and intended as an educational aid. Please consult your doctor for professional advice concerning specific health/medical matters.)

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