She Is Going To Be Just Fine!
|   Jan 10, 2017
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She Is Going To Be Just Fine!

There are no words to explain the bond between a child and a mother. Motherly instinct kicks in at the very first time when we hold our little ones in our hand. Advice from almost everyone pours in, which eventually gets categorized between the ones you want to follow or the ones you choose to ignore. Like all mothers out there I too had experienced oodles of emotions since the day I got to know about new life inside me.

Out of all emotions, fear is one emotion which is always there. I was and still am scared of the well-being of my baby since she was inside me and still cannot bat an eye whole night if she is not in the pink of her health.

I remember the day we brought her home; she was so tiny and fragile. Each day went as a hit and trial run at least for initial four or five months. Immense reading about taking care of a newborn was set aside when reality hit us. If she won't stop crying we would follow the same routine each time which was feed, burp, change of diaper and swing. It went on a repeat mode until one of those things clicked and she dozed off.    

Cleaning was never my cup of tea. I mean, I was that girl who would leave the dusting part completely either on maids or leave it as it is until some guest announces to visit my place. I agree being a parent brings loads of changes in you however, one still remains the person he/she is. I still don't enjoy doing house chores but there are few changes that took place once our little one came into our life.

An advice came my way to "not" to wash baby's clothes in washing machine (I am yet to find out the logic/reason, if there is any). I decided to ignore it and washed her clothes in washing machine. The change that did happen was, I washed her clothes in warm water unlike ours and added few drops of Dettol liquid antiseptic.

I don't enjoy house chores, especially during winter season. It is so difficult to leave the comfy blanket. If I had one wish, I would instantly wish to be a panda for the winter season. A change that took place since my baby started crawling and now walking, I made sure our floor tiles are cleaned at least twice in a day with liquid disinfectant. Days when my maid takes an uninformed leave (Do they ever inform in advance?) I make sure that I do it, even if that means that I have to dance with a mop along with the tunes and beats of music in the background to keep my little one happy and busy.

My favourite season had always been winter. This winter I am dreaded with the thought of my baby falling ill. Everyone kept saying that baby's first winter is always difficult once they start walking which means I should not let her play outside and keep her packed all the time. Here is what I did:

  • I let her play outside (She is a year old toddler with the energy of a tornado)
  • I make sure that her hands are clean with water and hand-wash once she comes back from the park.
  • My lip balm and eyeliner in my bag has been replaced by a bottle of sanitizer or a packet of wet tissues.
  • I did pack her up with double layered winter clothes. (I agree, number of clothes on a baby shows how much cold mother is feeling) Guilty as charged.

I am still scared and I will forever be but that is not going to stop my baby from going outside or learning new things each day. She is learning to walk and insists during our park walk to leave her hand. She is learning to walk without my support. She falls and gets back up. Every time she falls I almost skip a heartbeat and run after her, but then her reassuring smile makes me believe she is going to be just fine.

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