10 coolest Food items to beat summers
|   Apr 03, 2016
10 coolest Food items to beat summers

Delhi’s temperature is increasing right from the beginning of April itself. It’s getting hard to resist ourselves from fans and air conditioners and drinking chilled water. In such climate when we feel dehydrated and low on energy, we crave for food items just to cool ourselves. Here are the 10 best cooling foods to beat this summer.

Coconut Water: Coconut water has wonderful health benefits and cooling properties. It is laden with simple sugars, electrolytes and essential minerals which help keep the body well hydrated.

Cucumber: Another food items rich in water content helps you and your kids to remain hydrated and its fibre rich property helps you prevent constipation. (Personal Pleasure: Give sliced cucumber to your kids and keep two of its slices on your eyes and relax)

Water Melon: Buy a water melon from market, cool it and serve the cool sliced fruit that helps you remain hydrated and you can have lots of benefits from the anti-oxidants present in this delicious fruit.

Curd: Curd is another amazing and delicious option to have in summers. You can make various forms out of it like lassi, flavoured lassi, chaach, buttermilk or raita of your kid’s choice. Else you can add fruits to the curd and make delicious dessert items.

Onions: Onions also have amazing cooling property. Add it your curries, chutnies, salads and raitas. Having lots of onions can provide you protection against sunstroke.

Mint: Use this easily available herb in raita or make chutney out of it. It doesn’t help to get the body temperature down, however it gives refreshing taste.

Green Vegies: Though green vegetables are good to have round the year, it is good to have lots of them during the summer months because they have a high water content. Avoid overcooking them because that can cause a loss of water contained therein.

Lime Water: Our all-time favourite, lime water or our neembu pani is refreshing as well as it has many health benefits too. You can have it sweet, salted or add a dash of black salt and cumin powder to it. Have it chilled and beat the heat.

Ice Creams: Of course, our kid’s all time favourite- Ice creams. They will never say NO to it. Give them their favourite flavour and enjoy along with them.

Melons: This is another fruit which is nearly 90% water. Have lots of it in summers to stay cool and well hydrated.

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