12 Cutest Letters to Santa by Kids around the World
|   Dec 16, 2015
12 Cutest Letters to Santa by Kids around the World

Kids are the most honest, cutest, adorable and genuine in nature. When it comes to their wishes, they are as unique as funny. Some kids are much ahead of their age and wish sensibly. Santa really loves to get letters from kids. They tell him if they have been naughty or nice and what they want for Christmas.

For ALL. For Me. This kid wishes for all the kids around the world a healthy life, a cancer-free life. Its rare feeling we get to see in small kids. Also, he wishes for double screen computer. He must be a kid with a matured mind and thoughtful soul.

Big is Better. This super cute long list is from a girl who wishes and hopes that her Santa Clause will fulfill all. God bless her parents who are going to work on it actually. I salute her sense of possession in such a small age. May Santa bless her with everything she wishes for.

Confession and Demand. This little kid is so honest in front of Santa that he confesses what he did with his brother, must be sorry for the same. However he wishes Santa to fulfill his Christmas wish. This is really a cute one.

Concentrate on feelings, not words. The cutest part of the letter to Santa is its spellings. I loved all of them. Its super cute and I give full marks for his honesty. Hey, have you checked the last point? He mentioned 'Surprise'. :D

Respectful and Humane. Can you imagine a kid wishing for food who need it more than him. His understanding of the fact that the gifts would be given by his parents is enough to prove how mature he is. I really wish him all the success in life and I am sure Santa just listened to my wish.

Emotional Gift. How proud his parents would be reading this letter to Santa that their child wishes for the mug for her mother that reads ;Best Mom in the world and a technology that can help him talk to his sister studying in college. He would be a family man for sure.

Negotiation with Santa. This kid is not sure if Santa will believe him to be a good boy throughout the year. So, he looks like negotiating with Santa that if not 'this' gift, he can give 'these' gifts. How innocent. Kids are true spirit. 

Girly Wish. This is a good one and purely a Girly wish. She proves herself to be a good helper to her mom and hence wish for a new kitchen. I simply loved this one and wish her to ger her cutest kitchen soon.

Dedicated.  Can you ignore this one? I just couldn't stop laughing and wondering how patient this kid is writing the complete URL to Santa and how advance kids are who are giving the links to Santa. He might be assuming that Santa can too offer online. Haha.

Raising voice. Believe me, this was the letter written to Santa by a kid who is a victim of child abuse. This is one of the saddest leter I read till today from a kid who couldn't even write exact words he must have wished for. Please people, stop violence. Say no to Child Abuse.

Clever Kids. What do you think, will he become a lawyer or Justice? He wants the proof that Santa exists with his signature. God knows how kids think that much. Hope Santa comes and signs his letter.

Thank you Letter. This girl is just wishing fr Santa to visit her home. She really loves Santa unconditionally. I wish she gets best gift in the world along with God's best love for her. 

I am sure all the parents here have their kids wishes to share. 

Please come forward and share the letters and pics. Let the world know what Kids wish for.

Merry Christmas to all!! May Santa fulfills everyone's wishes!!!

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