7 Disgusting things I did as a Mom
|   Sep 03, 2015
7 Disgusting things I did as a Mom

We become SuperMoms the day the babies are born.

Before being a parent, I never thought that I will do anything that I dont like to do. Looking at other moms doing such acts, I always used to think and confirm that I will always take care of the tiny little things so that I dont have to go to such situations.

But I didnt know that all the moms are well prepared for their kids but we cant manage each and everything the way we thought of.


Fathers are too a part of all such acts, so all men out here, dont take it as an offense, but honestly speaking, moms are more into all the shitty things.

Here are 7 things that I did for my daughter that are disgusting to do:


1. Smell her Diaper: I felt it easiest to smell her butt and decide whether she is into shit or not. I smell it.. oh yes, its done. Its smelling like a .... SHIT, of course.

2. Clear the nose: Hey, here is the dirt/ booger in your nose, let me clear it. Oh, you dont want to go to washroom, ok.. let me do it with my hands. Ewwww!!

 What would you do if she sneezes, it comes out and you dont have any towel handy. Either I use my hand or my clothes that I keep on wearing till I change into night suit. Of course it’s a waste to change when its anyways going to be in same condition other minute.

 3. Half chewed food in hands: No idea what the kids think when they start eating a bite and then suddenly takes it out from their mouth. Where that half chewed bite will go.. in mommy's hands and if its directly on floor, then also Mommy will pick it up with hands and throw it in dustbin

4. Puke in hands: My sweetie is doing very well and eating healthy but running here and there is going simultaneously. What can I expect, a puke?? Where will that go.. of course her mommy's hands. It smells!! Still, consoling her, its OK.. you can do more but relax yourself.

5. Floaties in my drink: She loves to blow the bubbles with the straw and can only see my drink for that. Do I leave the drink after that? No, I still sip it with taste and finish it off only to refill the same.

6. Analysing Poop: What color is it, how many times she did today, what texture, how much, anything suspicious about it.. we check it thorowly. Honestly, we cant even look back in the flush after we go there. I just stand up and flush it off without even looking inside. ;)

 7. Using your spit for her: Well, I hope she doesnt read this one when she grows up. Can I use my spit if I forgot to put the moisturiser on a very cold day and her face has white patches. Oh yes, of course, if I am not carrying any cream on the way, I will use it!! Its handy, its ever available. :D


We did all that we can, and even that we cant.. but they have all the ways to keep us on our toes. I still remember getting up at 3 AM, change the diaper, feed her and expect her to go back to sleep. But no, she is clean, her tummy is full.. she is all set to play now. :) What do you do? PLAY!!!


Almost all the moms in the world done everything on the list adding many more incidents to it. These are something’s that I never would have done before my daughter. But, of course, its all worth of doing it.


Tell me, what other gross things that you have done with your kids being a MOM.

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