Holi Drawings for Kids
|   Mar 19, 2016
Holi Drawings for Kids

As all other moms of kids who are struggling to keep their kids inside homes in these holidays, I was also searching for some indoor activities and enjoy the festival of Holi too. So, I came up with an idea of coloring sheets of Holi pictures. 

I really found some beautiful pictures to color and enjoy and keep them inside the house. Download, take the print outs and give them to color them of their choice.

Color the Holi Shops with your choice of colors. Lets see what colors they love the most.

Coloring posters saying 'Happy Holi' would be amazing fun for kids. They will definitely love that.

Let them play Holi and color the things associated with this festival.

Another Colorful poster for kids to color.

Play Holi in celebration mood and dance on some rocking moves.

Pichkaris are the basic ingredients to play and enjoy Holi to the fullest. Let Kids color their own designer pichkaris.

Color the kids clothes with their best colors who are drenched in holi colors and waters.

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