Basic Social Manners to teach our kids
|   Jan 21, 2016
Basic Social Manners to teach our kids

We love our kids being naughty and messy at times, however we all want our kids to behave nicely and be good children.

We always tell our kids to be polite and respectful to the elders and younger ones. So, here I am sharing some basic social manners we must inculcate in our kids.

Say Please: Of course, asking for something with a ‘Please’ makes the sentence very polite and makes it sound cute too. It would be best if we start using this often when we talk to our kids. So, before they know the meaning of these words, they would know its use.

Say Thank You: Similar to the importance of saying ‘Please’ before asking something, saying ‘Thank You’ is equally important. Also, saying welcome when somebody say her thank you. These are good social manners.

Say Sorry: When they hurt someone, saying ‘I am sorry’ is also a good manner. Of course saying sorry should not be forceful, but it’s good if kids apologise of their own when they feel they did or said something wrong.

Greet properly: I know kids may not understand the respect and value that we need to give to our guests, however it is very important that our kids greet them properly with ‘Namaste’/ ‘Hello’/ ‘Good Morning or Evening’.

No gadgets: As we know today’s generation is tech savvy and everyone has one or the other gadget. So, a new manner we need to teach our kids is to leave their own gadgets when sitting in a group or family or when there is someone at your home or somebody is talking to them.

Look into People’s eyes: Equally important is to talk looking into the person’s eyes. It shows respect and confidence. Some children may find it difficult to do so. The best way is to ask them talking looking into the mirror and see what’s happening in their eyes.

Cover your mouth while coughing: As a good social manner as well as hygienic matter, it is very important to teach our kids to put their hands on the mouth. It prevents transferring disease to others.

Sharing: Kids generally don’t like to share their things that we love the most. It becomes our responsibility to teach them and encourage them to share things with their friends and family. Even you can try donating your favorite things to some kids to show them the value of sharing.

There are many other things and social manners that we need to consider to teach our kids, however we don’t need to force them for the same. Anyways, they will understand the importance gradually as they grow and interact with other kids in schools and elsewhere.

Good manners, after all, are necessary for people to live together in this world. Gracious manners reflect a loving and considerate personality.

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