Da Vinci Learning: India’s 1st HD Educational Channel
|   Nov 21, 2015
Da Vinci Learning: India’s 1st HD Educational Channel

November 21 is celebrated as World Television Day and on Nov 18, 2015 – there is first HD Educational channel launched in India ‘Da Vinci learning’ in association with “The Quint”, a digital venture founded by Raghav Bahl and Ritu Kapur. Basically it is a German TV Channel.

It aims to transform learning into an interactive and thrilling experience for the entire family. The channel is currently available on Hathway and will expand to key DTH and cable platforms in the next few weeks.

Ferdinand Habsburg, Founder & CEO, Da Vinci Media Gmbh, said: “India is an important market for us and has potential to be among our top markets. We believe the mindset of Indian parents when it comes to education is significantly different; they are much more concerned about education than parents in some of the other markets. They also spend a higher percentage of income on education. So there is a big potential to offer an education product.”

Mohit Anand, who is the Managing Director of Da Vinci Media India P. Ltd. says that irrespective of their economic and social status, Indian parents stress on instruction was a factor which characterises Indian market better than any other. Mohit agrees and highlights that his channel’s content is 100% safe, non-violent and non-profane. The focus of the channel will be to serve the children’s need to learn while satisfying their curiosity. Going beyond knowledge dissemination, it zeroes on its practical application. For example, he says the Archimedes principle will be explained through an interactive fun delivery mechanism thereby enhancing its understanding and retention.

Launched in English, the channel feels that as a large chunk of its programmes revolves around topics concerning mathematics, history, sciences, geography, language will not play a spoilsport. “Once the non-English audience overcomes its initial inhibition it will view our shows as aspirational.” Contingency plans like sub-titling and dubbing are being kept as back-up if the audience feedback points at deficiency in the medium of communication.

Watch the glimpse over here:


Da Vinci Learning offers award winning knowledge programming and documentaries, with special focus on curious young minds.

To know more about the channel and watch out awesome videos, check out their fb page:


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