Eid Mubarak - School Celebrations
|   Jul 17, 2015
Eid Mubarak - School Celebrations

Just few days back, we got a note that there is Eid celebration in school this Friday. Any celebration in school means some kind of preparations before hand be it in terms of dress, make-up, hair style, special party food, dance etc.  I just love all these extra efforts put by the teachers to make the festivals interesting to the kids and likewise they get to know a little better about the special days. They get to know the meaning of celebrating together. Honestly, belonging to a hindu family, I don't think I would have been able to teach her anything important the Eid festival.

I am happy that our kids are getting sensitise towards living in harmony in a diverse society. They are taught to live in harmony with their fellow beings. They make good friends. Nowadays, unfortunately, a festival means they give you a holiday, and you wake up only at twelve noon. Then you eat a lot and go for a movie or watch television at home. Thankfully, kids have fridays to celebrate at schools properly. Its not just a holiday because of a festival. 

Now, when it comes to schools to celebrate the festivals, they put all their efforts to make the kids happy and in festive mood. My daughter literally said 'Mamma, its Eid Party today at school' when we were on the way to school. I was more than happy with that statement itself. I think kids also look for some days at school with a break from studies. They just enjoy, dance, eat what they like to. Awareness about history is an important aspect of education of kids. It helps them to differentiate between wrong and right, good and bad and pros and cons of various things that come up in life.

Another way to guide about festivals can be through the cartoons or animated films. There are many cartoon films available based on the lives of different mythological heroes, which may provide the answers to many questions of the children. The kids would love to watch these cartoon films and get to know about their past.

It is very important for our kids to know the details about different festivals in India. Apart from the schools, we can also help them to learn more and more about the festivals. Get fun costumes for your child to wear for different occasions, traditional outfits for the Navratras, a Ravan mask for Dusshera, etc. This way he/she gets the opportunity to play around with the props and it becomes easier for him/her to understand the reason behind Ravan’s ten heads or why people play Dandiya during navratras.

As its Eid celebration today, I dressed her up in a gown with a topi over the head. She looks pretty in the dress and loved to go to school something different. I added some chips in her bag today that party means you can go for a packet of chips other than your regular tiffin during your lunch time.

Just hoping for a beautiful day for her. Hope she enjoys and God bless the schools for taking pains to teach our kids a lot of things other than the regular curriculum. 

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