Glad to be an Ordinary MOM
|   Feb 19, 2016
Glad to be an Ordinary MOM

Like all mothers, I always wanted to be the best mother in the world. However, the first time moms forget that parenting is a journey that is not supported by any rulebook. I read a lot of articles for various Dos and DONTs to be a perfect mom but it is like next to possible to be the one. And one fine day, we realize that it’s OK and it’s OK to be an ordinary mom as our MOMs were. We don’t need to be in the race to win any award for best mommy or super mommy.

Whatever I do, however I do, I know it’s best for my daughter and she loves me more than anybody else in the world. I am glad I have not done many things that most of my friends do and suggest me to like:

Never cooked separate meal for her: I can proudly say that my daughter is not a picky eater. She eats everything. If she doesn’t like it, she knows and tells straight forward. And I accept it very conveniently. It’s ok. But I never prepared separate dishes or any kind of special food for her. She eats along with us, same kind of utensils (no princess printed or colorful ones), same dishes.

Never filled her wardrobe with designers: My daughter is very beautiful (Just as all kids are for their moms) and anything suits her. No matter how much they costed or where I bought them from. Of course we but some branded clothes that are exclusive to wear for the times we are going to school, or out for any party or for any special occasion. When I can buy around 3 dresses from a normal shop for the cost of 1 dress from a designer showroom, which anyways she is going to wear for few months and get bored of, why to waste money?

Never got down to her tantrums: Kids are kids. They will ask for a thing again and again. It really doesn’t mean to get them everything they want under the sky. I don’t give up, I just take a time out and she knows it well that if Moms says she is not taking to me, she won’t. So, gets easy for me and sooner or later she stops crying for that. I strongly believe that kids should understand the rejection and learn to accept it.

Never did her homework: Though my daughter is in pre-nursery, but she gets her homework of 1 or 2 pages. By God’s grace, she is a fast learner and loves to complete her homework as soon as she comes back from school. However, one day when she was not in the mood, she didn’t do her homework, and I packed her book as it is in her school bag. I am sure her teacher told her the importance of doing homework sincerely and till now it never happened again.

Never bought her waste toys and gadgets: Just because her friends got some new toy or a gadget, it really doesn’t mean that I get the same for her. Sometimes she cries and sometimes she doesn’t. Some toys are real waste of money and eventually occupies a lot of space. So, it’s a big NO if we don’t think that it’s good for her.

I am sure I am not ruining her rather I am trying to make her a self-sufficient girl who can value her money in future. I am helping her to become a responsible girl who can take care of her own family efficiently.


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