I miss my 'Bachpan ki Diwali'
|   Nov 06, 2015
I miss my 'Bachpan ki Diwali'

I literally got shocked when I heard some kids went to Supreme Court asking ban on firecrackers this Diwali. I mean its obviously right from their point of view. But they are just kids and they have their point of view at this age. I remember my childhood when me and my sister were ready to get some scoldings to get loads of crackers for Diwali. We never thought of noise pollution/ air pollution/ money wastage for that matter.

No matter how expensive decoration I am doing now in my sasural, my childhood Diwali was always the best and nothing can beat that. There are loads and loads of Diwali memories from my childhood which I am sure would match with most of you too. J

Buying Crackers: Our Diwali used to start by forcing our father to get crackers from market. As we are 2 sisters in our family, we used to buy only sober crackers, means no atom bom or suthli bombs for us. :)

Money lecture and shopping: Of course, one lecture about wastage of money. Same thing every Diwali, whats the need to buy crackers, its like lighting and burning money.

No matter what they used to say, parents always know what their kids are looking for. I still remember when my father used to get the crackers in Kilos packed in a jute bag loaded on our White colored Vespa.

Chhoti Diwali: It was must to fire few crackers on Chhoti Diwali. We used to place diyas outside our home, light up fuljhadi from it and light up our favourite one.

Boring Daytime: Daytime of Diwali was the hardest thing to tolerate. Our Mom was always busy preparing yummy dishes, decorating the house with our father. Our grand mother used to make rangolis out of powdered limestone (I actually googled for English word of choona). Later my younger sister started doing the same and she was just awesome in that. Then, Imagine relatives coming in and out the whole day! And we had to be all prim and proper in front of them. All this, while counting hours in our head till we got to burn firecrackers.

Pooja time: Then, decoration of the pooja place with all god’s idols, rangoli, kheel, patasha, jalebi, apricot and sweets. My father used to decorate a pooja thali out of currency notes and he was the best in that. Anyways, Our mom had a really tough time keeping us inside the house during the Lakshmi Puja. Because we couldn't wait to get out there and get started with the patakhas.

Distributing Diwali sweets: It was not like today where we give expensive Diwali gifts to our near and dear ones. In our childhood, our mom used to put some part of everything from pooja place into another thaalis  for each house of our neighbourhood including sweets, kheel patasha and few sweets. It was us – both sister’s duty to distribute in every house after we finish our pooja at home.

Finally, crackers time!!! So, finally we get to burst crackers without any sequence. Burst as you want. And our Mom as always used to be prepared with her burnol, water and other essentials. And then here comes the big bombs. A little envy, a little fear, and lots of excitement-that's how we watched our elders burning the badass big bombs!

Closing Ceremony: To end the giant festivity, a long row of firecrackers was lit up. One from your house till the last house in our row. And every year the price and length of these "ladeez" would keep going up

Sleeping on floor: We have the tradition of sleeping on floor putting mattress along with the pooja place. And it was another fun for us.

In simple and honest words, I want to go back to my childhood and celebrate Diwali the same way. And I am sure, in case my this wish gets fulfilled, the happiest people on earth will be my parents who will get to see both of their daughters celebrate Diwali with them again.

But I know, the reality is we both are happily married, in our respective sasurals and trying to brighten the new world with new families, new parents and of course our cute little bundle of joys.

Happy Diwali!! Give a lot of memories to your kids…



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