‘Mom, Why are you never Happy?’
|   Feb 25, 2016
‘Mom, Why are you never Happy?’

Today when we were doing the homework, she asked a very simple question, ‘Mamma, everybody’s Moms are happy, why are you never happy?’ That put me into thinking, REAL THINKING. Oh God, what made a 3 year old think so and say so. How can one expect such a statement from such a tiny fellow? This clearly means she notices other mothers or compares me with others or may be something else, but there is something that is making her unhappy about me.

If I talk about the specific incident when she made this statement, I was trying to get her homework done. Point was, when she was colouring in ‘Umbrella’, it was coming out of the boundary and I was asking her to do it correctly. I clearly remember that I was not shouting, I was just trying her to correct it. I know it was a very small piece, then how it was so big thing for her to compare me with other’s Moms. I can bet I never compared her with any of her friends or other kids, then where it came from? So, it clearly states that she has not picked the idea from me.

Does that mean she thinks about all this of her own? Should I re-evaluate my steps or my words or my actions or my REACTIONS? There is something wrong I am doing that she is not liking. I really thought a lot about it and still thinking.

#WomanInMe thinks I need to slow down a bit. I need to learn to take thing easy. I should keep calm and let it go. I should keep her routine separate of my tensions and worries. I need to learn to mind my words and tone while disciplining her. And most importantly, I need to understand HER point of view deeply.


If her crayon is filling colour even outside the given shape, what’s wrong with it? It’s perfectly ok. Keep Calm.

If she is taking an hour to finish her dinner, let it be. Keep Calm.

If she is taking a lot of time to get ready and ultimately reaches school late, doesn’t make any difference. Keep Calm.

If she is eating only potatoes leaving beans behind, let her eat. Keep Calm. (Think, at least she is finishing her chapatti)

If she is insisting to go to park twice a day, take her out. Enjoy along.

If she is all dirty and messy after playing with her clay, wash her but not teach her to stay clean. Keep Calm.

If she is going repeatedly to her grandparents to get her all wishes fulfilled, let her go. Pamper her and be Happy.

After all, she wants you to be happy with whatever she does. It’s not difficult my sweety, I will try to be more happy as per your definition. Your Mom and #WomanInMe will take things easy now on. And it’s a Mommy promise. You Be happy, Stay Happy and Make everyone Happy!!

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