My Daughter is a Typical Girl
|   Jan 27, 2016
My Daughter is a Typical Girl

I know it is an obvious statement. Obviously, she is my daughter, she is a girl and she will behave like a girl only. But, really even being only 3 years old, she is a typical girl.

She is the one who loves eating Gol Gappas. With few of the exceptions, I am sure all girls are fond of road side gol gappas. It is to the extent that on the days she is reluctant to go back home from the park, the only way to get her out of there is to go to Gol Gappa vale uncle and then go home. Honestly, she eats two plates at a time. Mind it, it should be spicy else she doesn’t like it.

On some lazy winter days, I just pull out the stock of clothes for her to save her from winters. We all moms know how many clothes are there to put on a winter morning. Even if her socks are not matching with her sweater, she rejects. Mom, my socks are not matching with my sweater, please get the other one. Ok My Lord. I mean she is very much concerned about her dressing and matching accessories too.

She has her dolls and toys who are her friends. She talks to them, asks them for food and even gets one of her baby to the washroom and says he is my baby and I can only take care of him. (Thank God she didn’t ask anything for feeding…) She takes care of all her dolls and ‘babies’ with all love and care. And her love doesn’t remain only till loving them, she is a cleanliness freak too (she might resemble her grand mom, because I am not the one). She likes to have everything in place and clean too.

And, don’t ask about makeup, she needs everything perfect. Though she is a super naughty kid, she can sit still to have her make-up done perfectly. 

She is super cool to handle Sarees in weddings and on the dance floor. She can manage and carry herself so elegantly in Indian outfits especially sarees that I started believing that she must be a girl in her last birth too. She is literally perfect in that.

The thing that I love the most, the love and affection she has for me typically reflects a soft heart of a girl. Recently, we were cuddling under the blanket when she had put her hand on my face and said ‘Mamma aap hamesha aise hi khush rehna, to main bhi hamesha khush rahungi’. I immediately got tears in my eyes that she wiped away followed by a sweet kiss.  

Yes, I have a daughter and she is a typical girl letting me enjoy each moment and remember my childhood. :)

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