Parents, want your Kids on TV? Beware!!!
|   Nov 24, 2015
Parents, want your Kids on TV? Beware!!!

Today, when we watch TV, advertisements are a huge part of it, be it while watching news/ movies/ daily soaps or even cartoons. And if there are 10 ads, there must be kids as models in 7-8 of them. Most of the times, I think my daughter can also do this and sometimes I think she is better than the model. And eventually I come up with the question, how can I get my daughter to get some assignments for print ads/ video shoots or advertisements?

And I don’t stop only thinking about it. I search the internet, Facebook everything and it’s full of production houses, coordinators, casting directors and other media people who claim to get work for your kids. What I do next is to send friend requests on Facebook, talk to them about the procedures and all. There are many productions that conduct auditions and selection procedures.

I also took my daughter for one when she was just two and a half years old. She cleared the same and I was like on top of the world that she cleared and then the next step was to submit a hefty amount of Rs. 20,000 which included training, stage performance, ramp walk, group dance, portfolio shoot, show being telecasted on national TV and a promise that deserved candidates will be provided modelling assignments with good brands. Offer was no doubt mouth-watering and after so many IFs and BUTs at home, I paid that AMOUNT!

Now, comes the Portfolio shoot. All the dresses would be ours and there has to be around 5 dresses. Of course, I won’t buy the local stuff, spending another hefty amount for the best 5 dresses from a good branded shop. Anyways, dresses will be hers and can be used later on (someway, I would justify my expenses to everyone). While portfolio shoot, my daughter got scared of so many lights, instructor and cameraman and heavy make-up that I don’t have even a single photo clicked with a smiling face. Photographer did his work, must be paid for it and I got my CD that here’s the portfolio shoot. Wow!!

Good things were she made many friends there, I made many mommy friends. She is more confident, stage fear is 0% rather always excited to go on stage.

Then, I sent her pics to another good brand, where she got selected for a calendar shoot for which the amount to be paid was Rs. 5000/- and they promised that she will be given an entire month in the calendar where there will be 3 photographs of her and that calendar will be distributed to around 10000 producers and directors in the film industry. I got my copy of course but not sure any director received it or not. We displayed that single month for the whole year in the calendar to tell all the guests for the year. :D

Then, many-a-times (infinite number of times), I contacted various casting directors over Facebook and e-mails, but everywhere there was no response or a huge registration amount.

However, one day one of her pictures got selected for a clothing brand. He said that there will be 3 of her photos clicked in different costumes that will be reflected on all the online shopping portals in the ‘Kids Dress’ section. They didn’t charge anything for the shoot. Here is the catch – the dresses your daughter will wear for the shoot, you need to buy it from the store. I thought OK at least I will be getting dresses, shoot done and showcase on online portal. (I know he wins. He got her material sold, a kid model free of cost and catalogue prepared for online selling).

Slowly, as she is growing older, though she is in pre-nursery, she is always packed with her school, homework, special day’s preparations, competitions, functions, music class etc. The Mother inside me also took a back seat for some time. Now, I am very strict about it that I won’t pay any amount to get into any folios or shoots. If my daughter is good enough, she will get the offers on her own. I will only pay to polish her abilities and talent.

I never heard of any actors till today, that he/ she paid this much amount to get into industry. They were picked up from buses/ hotels/ roadside etc. There are people who will know her potential and will pay her for her talent. OR she may not be even interested in this line. Let her decide and go ahead. I will just help to achieve her goal. I won’t get trapped anymore by fake people out there.


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