Please set Grand Parents free
|   Mar 05, 2016
Please set Grand Parents free

For the first time since I took my extended maternity break, I felt good about it. I am feeling good that I have not left my daughter with her grandparents just for the sake of doing a job. Just to clear, I am not against any parents who are doing so, but I personally feel that they have already done their part of parenting for their own children, then why burden their old age with another parenting tests. It is their age to rest, enjoy their grand children’s bachpan and go out for the world tour.

Today I am saying this because I am observing one family very closely in my neighbourhood. In the family, mother and father of a less than three year old are working very hard and doing their jobs in the corporate world where they come back from office at around 9:30 PM, we meet every day because that time matches with our after dinner walk. And that little girl stays with her maternal grandmother (Nani) for the full day. Do you think its ok to take care of one child if parents are working. But that is not the full story, just like she is a Naani of that little girl, she is Daadi of two boys aged 6 years and 10 months. And just like her daughter is working till late night, her daughter in law is also working. They have one maid who takes care of their lunch and dinner, so at least that old lady doesn’t need to cook food for those kids.

As and my daughter goes out in the park, we often meet those kids and they are naughty enough to keep their grandmother on her toes. I saw her holding the infant, coming out of her house with her other two grandchildren asking her maid to take their school bags.

Please, set them free. Let them enjoy their old age. Let them rest and watch their favourite channels in TV. I agree that no play school or crèche can take care of your kids like their grandparents, but what about them? They are your parents, just imagine how much efforts they must have put to make you stand on your own and earn living for yourself and your kids. Then, why not let them live peacefully and leave your kids with the dedicated people who got hired to do the same.

I really feel bad looking at her every minute on her toes and running behind one or the other child in the family. They do not deserve in such old-age. I am strictly against this practice of taking grandparents for granted to take care of your children. No doubt we need them but do consider to lessen their burden.

A humble request at the end: Please do not get offended who are leaving kids at home with grandparents. Just one request, if you are doing so, please take extra care of them and give some extra respect. 

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