Special Preparations for our New Born Baby
|   Mar 07, 2017
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Special Preparations for our New Born Baby

Preparing for a new born is a journey all together different before even stepping towards being a first time or second time mother. As far as I am concerned, I am an expecting second time mom who would welcome her 2nd new born baby in March end. The duties, preparations, concerns, excitement or advices are not at all any lesser for even a second timer.  Though we already have baby – proofed our house, still there is a lot to do before we gear up to welcome a new born baby in the house.

And these preparations can start from getting your house clean, corners germs free, bed linens, blankets, sterilized toys, double washed clothes, whether these are new or old ones. Now, every family has some rituals that we love to follow without any hesitation or concern. And one of these rituals includes that the baby can wear only old clothes for at least six days till we celebrate ‘chhati’ at home. Because it is a ritual common in many of the families we know, getting old clothes was not at all a problem. We got many sets of clothes during my first pregnancy and I have already a cupboard filled with old clothes, blankets and toys for our 2nd new born.

However, the most special part of this ritual is that my mother in law has preserved my husband’s first – worn dress till now. And she really wanted the elder one to wear the same dress when she was born. Honestly, in the beginning I was not very sure that the clothes which are kept from last around 28 years would be suitable for a new born. Anyways, when you are first time mom, you are more cautious for even the tiniest detail, and you go a little easy with the second one. So, we preferred checking with our doctor whether it is ok to use those clothes or not. And as I mentioned earlier too that this is the ritual followed by many families here, she said it is absolutely ok, just make sure that you wash the clothes properly with Dettol and put them in sun for full day. And this was all we did and happily used her father’s first dress. It was really very special for us. Here, I am sharing that pic:

And for the obvious reason, when you get invited for the brand you trust in every germ free moment, you feel special and lucky too. So, I felt very nice when I also got an opportunity to be a part of the event wherein Dettol released their new video for their new campaign that is dedicated to the new moms handling their worries and concerns about having germ free environment for their new born babies. Have a look at the video that clearly shows how a mother starts thinking about her baby during her pregnancy period itself and can imagine every moment well in advance and preparing herself and all other family members how to handle the baby and other Dos and Donts.

During the event itself, all the mothers had their different stories to share, however every mother got same concern of having hygienic surroundings for their new bundle of joy at home.

Now, getting something for the time you learnt enjoyed and shared a lot is like bonus wherein we got a big Dettol hamper including all the items that are always there in our monthly shopping list. So, overall had a great experience in the launch event for Dettol new campaign with all the experienced and awesome team of mommy bloggers!

Wish all the new Moms and would-be Moms, the best for their babies with a protected a hygienic environment.

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