Top Tips for Baby Skin Care this Winter
|   Nov 08, 2015
Top Tips for Baby Skin Care this Winter

Here comes the Winter season. Its foggy, cold, freezing and dry too. It becomes very important to take care of our skin and most importantly the delicate skin of our babies. We don’t wait for winters to get started for Baby skincare but it begins when the weather starts changing, nights become cold and the skin starts stretching! So, it becomes important to use baby skincare products well in advance so that there is no dry scaly skin issue with babies and it becomes easy for them to adjust to the changing climatic conditions!

So here are some important tips for having an all-round protection against dry skin and keeping it soft and smooth. The best way to take care of skin in winters to keep yourself warm and same goes for the babies too!!

Bathing: Make sure that you are bathing your kids in warm water, not in hot water. Very hot water take out the moisture from the skin leaving it dry. Use gentle liquid soaps which are organic in nature that don’t leave the skin dry.

Massaging: Giving oil massage before taking bath and applying proper moisturiser after taking bath is must. Its very important to keep the skin moistured and warm.

Keep Hydrated: Just like its important to save your skin from dryness from outside, its very important to keep it hydrated from within as well. We tend to get thirsty very less in winters and hence intake of water decreases, so take care well and give the water at regular intervals.

Sun-screen: Though it’s a debatable part whether to put sun screen on babies skin or not, however if the product specifications are trust worthy and is recommendable for babies, it should be applied before stepping out in the sun to keep them safe from sun damage.

Right Nutrition: Eating well in equally important. Feed them healthy so that their immunity system works properly to save the body from cold and cough. Warm water, milk can be very helpful. Fruits are also a good option as they are rich in water, minerals and vitamins.

Comfortable clothing: Pay attention to the fabric of the winter wears. We tend to put on layers of clothing to save them from winters, but its equally important to keep a check on sweat formation which can lead to rashes and skin irritation.  They should wear breathable fabric so that keeping skin fresh and sweat free.

Chapped Lips: Kids tend to lick or drip often, resulting in dry and chapped lips. To take care of dry lips, you can try natural baby lip balm (in consultation with your paediatrician) or the best way is to apply a little melted ghee. This will keep the lips soft, pink and prevents drying.

Dry Cheeks: Babies cheeks tend to get dry in winters leaving it dry and red. Applying baby moisturiser is one option and my favourite is to apply glycerine before going to bed, you can see the difference the next morning itself.

Chyavanprash: It’s a traditional ayurvedic option for keeping the body warm and protect it in winters. Even some flavors are available to select now. It strengthens immunity and keep body warm from inside and of course, effects good to the skin too.


 So, take care of your baby's skin and yours too. And, in case you have any other special tip, do share.

Enjoy Winters ahead!!

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