Who wants to be the next Young Singing Star?
|   Sep 26, 2015
Who wants to be the next Young Singing Star?

When we sing, musical vibrations flow through our body effecting our brain, our heart, our mood, our emotions. When our little genius’ happy souls sing for us, the same vibrations within a Mom are like 100 times. Music is very natural to attract our kids attention and imagination, and it has a huge effect on their body and soul.


It is believed that music is the language of the soul. This gives the way to the creation of different songs that people around the world like to sing together. When you hear a striking song over the radio or perhaps you're watching a singer perform on stage, you usually find yourself singing along. Same happens to our kids which is why they are fonder of the nursery rhymes in the musical format. This early introduction to music does more than entertain. It can kick-start learning, serve as an important cue in their routine, and offer lifelong benefits.


Every talent, every skill comes with time. And Music comes very naturally to the kids. They are surrounded by music. Let’s take a look on how we can help our kids to get involved with music at their different life stages.


Infants: When they are infants, they listen to the heartbeats of their mother which teaches them a sense of rhythm. They can connect with their Mom so well that they can recognise her even while sleeping. When moms sing lullabies, it soothes the babies and helps them to fall asleep, again a touch to the music and vocal chords.


Toddlers: They start listening to passive music while travelling in car with the music on. Most of the advanced kids start watching nursery rhymes on tablets or mobile phones which is a direct form of music. They tap their feet along, clap with the poems, pause on the interludes, and understand ups and downs of the musical notes as and when the poems are towards the end!!


Understanding toddlers: Between the age of 2-3 years, kids can understand to a large extent about the surroundings, their daily routine etc. Like if you always sing lullabies while putting your babies to sleep, they understand it’s sleeping time. Or just sing along when they are taking a bath like – ‘Take take take your bath, take it right away’ or when it’s brush time, like ‘Brush brush brush your teeth’. They can relate everything musically.


Music all around: Kids have a natural process of getting involved with music but we should not forget to introduce them to our kind of music. Our Bollywood/ Hollywood songs, Hindustani Vocal music etc are very important to get them introduced so they can think ahead of the poems or rhymes.


Kids (4 – 14 years): By this age, kids start going to formal schools which have proper pre-planned schedules in place for the whole year. And these schedules have a lot of competitions, celebrations which lead and help the kids to grow @360 degrees. All these include music, singing, dancing, debates, sports, presentations and many more. For the overall development of our kids, we should opt for each and every talent as we never know what our kids are best at. As long as kids are comfortable and enjoying, participating in different interest areas, nothing to worry. They will be raised as confident kids with no stage fear, with innovative ideas and broad mind for their future perspectives.

Over and above the school competition, there are so many singing talent hunts for the different age groups of kids. Like Max Life Insurance i-genius programme - A collection of initiatives aimed at discovering your child's hidden talent and all-round potential early enough to maximize it. They focus on nurturing your children's abilities and securing their future. With the intent to nurture and reward the singing talent of young children, Max Life Insurance launched i-genius Young Singing Stars last year for little stars who want to begin their musical career. Last year’s winners have already recorded their albums and are famous across India.


The i-genius Young Singing Stars is part of Max Life Insurance i-genius programme of nurturing young talent in deserving children and bringing them closer to their dreams. i-genius Young Singing Stars celebrates, recognizes and rewards young singing talent in the country.

So, mommies.. be prepared and get your genius kids prepared for the big day and big platform given by Max Life Insurance to showcase our kid talents.

A lot of preparations, songs selection, stage rehearsals, early morning rehaas, practice practice and more practice on the way. So, all the very best to all the mommies and the next singing sensations of India.


For more information on Max Life Insurance i-genius Young Singing Stars Season II, please visit http://www.igenius.org/YSS/

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