Moms Are Real Superheroes!!!!
|   May 14, 2016
Moms Are Real Superheroes!!!!

Gradually and Steadily while we ladies grow up as Moms, I came to realize that we have turn up into Superheroes and I find it out so true for all the mothers of the world. In stories of Hanuman whom we can describe as Superhero of Hindu Mythology, I have read that he had supernatural powers which were not known to him until he met Rama.Somewhat it's same to all the ladies who come to know their supernatural powers only after being a mother. See how Pretty Ladies are blessed with Super Powers....

1. You Give Life to someone.You have such an amazing body system which stretches and contract to bring someone to this world.

2. You Manufacture food from inside.It's really Surprising that your littleone who can't have anything else but your own milk and It's sufficient for his tummy. Not even water is needed.

3. Ultra Controlled Body. As a new mom, you will learn how to control your basic needs and nature calls while you are working for your baby. You will overlook your hunger, you don't sleep, you control your sneeze and even sometimes you don't go to loo. Infact whether you think like this or not but you kid always think that you don't need anything else apart from being with them :D

4. Super Hearing Power.You are working in other room or talking to someone or taking a bath while you hear a noise and you run to check. Well, sometimes it goes wrong but many times you get it correctly too. May be that's why there is a saying " Mother always come for her Kid's call".

5. Ultimate Vision and touch in the Dark.Its dark night with all the lights off but you still will realize that poop, vomit, pee or whatever wrong with your baby.

6. Supernatural Sense of Smell.

When the whole bunch of people around you will not have any idea about anything fishy inside the baby's diaper, you will suddenly rush down all the way from kitchen to check them for poop :D Too much sense of smell you have had developed !!!

7. You are a Lie Detector. When your kids lied to you, you always caught them red handed. Even if you don't tell them that you know the truth still you come to know the reality.

8. You can feel the voice and unsaid words too.We all are blessed with amazing moms who inspite of being so far away from us come to know our sadness whether we share with them or not. Even, you yourself has that sense of emotion to connect with your kid's feelings. Nobody but mother always knows what her kid wants.

And that's how an ordinary girl who got married few years ago turns up into a Super hero.Hats Off to you Ladies! You save the World !!! Not all superheroes wear capes you know..Cheers !!


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