A husband's helping hand
|   Jun 27, 2017
A husband's helping hand

I'd like to begin this piece by thanking my husband in all the ways he has been of help me to me in the past 8 months of our baby being in our lives. It is deeply cherished!

As a first time mother, I could confidently say, that the luxuries of life are evidently not the material things. Lots and lots of TIME, heaps more of ME TIME, and a sack full of BABYSITTERS. That's all I need for my luxurious life.So a few months ago, my dear husband began to notice glimpses of my physical exhaustion when I'd throw myself in bed at night and knock out the next minute. Watching this dead log every night, made him propose a vacay. He asked me if I'd like to plan a holiday to get myself together. I thought over it and politely declined. He was surprised. Which husband wouldn't be at the thought of a wife refusing a European holiday, shopping and great food. And thats when my it struck our Man to pay serious attention to my agony, which was turning more serious than he ever imagined. He understood I needed more physical and emotional support in raising our child.

From being this social girl who loved meeting people, dinners and parties, I had cocooned into being a home bird. I did not have the physical strength to deal with social engagements and night outs or even a sober dinner with friends and then return to my little bundle of joy who needed me all through the night , several times for just soothing him back to sleep. I had begun to think that this otherwise super fit and healthy woman (read me) was suffering from some internal bodily health issues that were not letting me feel healthy like before. After all, it was 8 months post delivery now. We went to get my blood tests done and everything was reported fine.

That's when my doctor told me I was an overworked mother and that I needed help.

My husband realised the need of the hour and made a resolve to be 'all' that I needed. He began with giving me some time off my baby. The fact that I am penning down this piece is proof enough. After a day's work at office, he would return home and give our baby gentle, loving massages and a warm bedtime bath. He would even occasionally feed him a meal or two and babysit him on weekends while I could go out to a salon and pamper myself. At nights, he would ensure I didn't have to get out of my bed and would bring my baby out of the cot, for me to nurse him leisurely in bed. I was beginning to get my life back and starting to enjoy motherhood SO much more, than I had at the outset of it. It now felt less of work or physical exhaustion, but more of a beautiful life changing experience which we both wanted to savour moment by moment, together and in so much love.

Three cheers to parenthood and so much love and gratitude to our husbands!

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