Meera really isn't better than Kareena or vice versa
|   Jul 21, 2017
Meera really isn't better than Kareena or vice versa

This business needs to stop. We humans love to give opinions, especially unasked for opinions. We believe it's our prerogative to tell everyone how they need to live their lives. And when it comes to mothers, everyone takes it a bit too seriously.

"Oh she's a mother and she's out lunching with friends and attending parties. How very negligent" "goodness gracious! Why do these new age women have babies if they want to continue to work!!! " " Dude do you Sneha was out without her baby spotted at that event even before she completed her first 40 days post delivery...." "Listen child, in our time we did this and we did that, and we SACRIFICED so much for the kids, and your generation can't wait for a couple of years huh !!! " and this list is endless.

On the flip side there is also another league of women with a completely different point of view altogether. "Oh what your child is 6 months and you haven't resumed your usual life?? You're lateee ! " " you better do something professionally or your child won't respect you enough" " you're so well educated, if you had to be a sit at home mother, then why all that education and time and jobs before the baby? " " in my opinion, you should do this and do that " and bla blah blah.


Has anyone ever thought of zipping up with their views and suggesting an immensely personal decision to a mother? Whether a Meera who chooses to spend all her time with her baby is a better Mother than a Kareena who prefers to split her time over work and social and personal commitments along with her baby is NOT A DECISION YOU MAKE.

There aren't rights or wrongs. It's just what works or does not work for an individual. Blanket rules don't hold any meaning as every individual leads a different life, so how can you assume a certain school of thought is better than the other. Besides, WHO ARE YOU..? Who put you at a pedestal where your thought could decide how one lives?

A mother is born with the birth of a child and let that beautiful relationship just be. It's unique. It's unique because each of us are unique and we should all be allowed to bloom. How we want to raise our child is a decision, only ours to make and the way we eat, sleep, drink what we want, we also must be free to be the kind of mother we want to be.

Say NO to #mommyshaming.


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