20 Things Only Mumbai Mums Will Understand
|   Jan 16, 2015
20 Things Only Mumbai Mums Will Understand

1. “Bhaiya ye paani puri filter paani se bana hai na?” uttered before the bacchha and you are just about to pop a mouthful of deliciousness.


Karachi Sweets in Bandra has the most awesome paani puri and yes all their paani and ice is made from filter paani.

2. “Which all classes you have joined?” When asked outside a school gate by the parent of your child’s classmate does not refer to your Zumba, Yoga, Gym or Pilates.


She wants to know the list of classes that you send your child to!

3. You either cringe or smile on receiving a whatsapp every morning at 6am that says, “GM” followed by 20 more saying the same thing.


That’s on the school whatsapp mummy group that you can put on mute but you cannot exit. Once in a while you may receive GM with a pretty image or even a motivational message!

4. Sewri Jetty is not scenic but you will visit there at least once a year and not because there are any passenger boats to be boarded from there.


We Mumbai folks head there to show our children the migratory flamingos. Sometimes we visit the pink feathered beauties along with experts from Bombay Natural History Society.

5. Funky Monkeys, Happy Planet, Smaaash, Giggles are not iPad apps.


They are indoor play zones. We don’t have open spaces for our kids anymore you see.

6. Summer Funk and Winter Funk. Just saying the words makes music play in your head as you imagine all sorts of amazing contemporary dance moves.


 These are the culminating events of the very popular Shiamak Daver dance classes that every Mumbai kid has experienced at least once.

7. You have checked out the terrace turf football classes.


Again we don’t have green, open spaces so entrepreneurs get more creative by the day.

8. Galaxy is not part of the Universe and Mannat is not a special prayer.


Galaxy in Bandra is Salman Khan’s family home and Mannat also in Bandra belongs to Shah Rukh Khan.

9. You have made the trip to Abdul Rehman Street and Crawford Market before planning at least one baccha birthday party.


That’s where Mumbai mums get the best deals in decorations, return gifts and prizes.

10. You have heard the words, “Yes mummies and children, now nose to nose......very good....now butt to butt.”


This is part of a game that every birthday party event master of ceremonies plays at every birthday party.

11. FMC is your new Google for all girlie and mummy queries.


That’s First Moms Club, a cool online mum’s only platform.

12. You know the connection between the Kala Ghoda Festival and Kitab Khana.


That’s where the most exciting children’s lit events of the festival happen.

13. M Cubed is not a unit of volume.


It’s a popular library for kids and adults in one of Bandra’s cool lanes.

14. You know the connection between World Trade Centre, Nickelodeon and Dora.


The Nick Junior Kid Town Fair is a popular kid trade fair offering us access to the latest and best products and services in the kiddie market.

15. There’s a National Park (A huge forest - jungle with wild dangerous animals) in the centre of Mumbai city. True or False?


A true blue Mumbai mum knows Sanjay Gandhi National Park exists in Borivali and makes sure her child knows about it, has visited at least once and speaks about conservation.

16. Watermelon and Starfish are not just a fruit and a sea creature respectively.


Oh no! They are where your kid gets his trendy haircuts – Watermelon Kids and Starfish Salon.

17. La Leche; Doula; and Jhapa are not bad words.


La Leche League is an organisation that offers education, information, support and encouragement to women who want to breastfeed and Mumbai has superb leaders in this field.

Many Mumbai women are employing a doula these days. A doula is a non medical person who helps a woman physically and emotionally before, during and after childbirth.

And for the latest trend we have the Jhapa (trained maid who comes all the way from Kolkata) being employed by new mums in Mumbai to cater exclusively to her needs and those of her baby for at least the first three months. (The Jhapa I met when I went to visit a friend and her new baby recently refused to let us near the baby and grudgingly permitted the mother to carry the baby. They certainly take the job very seriously ;)

18. “Let’s meet in the park.” The ‘park’ could mean a 10’x10’ patch of grass along a scenic promenade.


I’ve said this before; Mumbai has very few open spaces for children.

19. You have actually taken your child on a sunset cruise and have played together in the sand by the sea.


Yes! Mumbai has many beaches and quite a few sea activities like sailing and water sports too.

20. You need your weekly dose of the Top Picks on mycity4kids.com.



That’s your weekly guide of the best and most exciting events Mumbai has to offer written by yours truly :) 

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