The New MOO-ver and Shaker in Town
|   Sep 08, 2015
The New MOO-ver and Shaker in Town
Who doesn’t like outings? My family just loves short breaks out of the city. Anya is now 5 and likes to see new places and make new friends. We have been holidaying with her since she turned one. Travelling became a little more challenging after she started taking solids. When you travel with kids, you have to worry about food on the road. Will it be hygienic, will she like it, will she eat well when we stop at a food joint and how much time can we actually afford at the pit stop? 
So when we started travelling with her, I had to pack food which had to fulfil many criteria. To enter in my food basket, it had to be:
-offer variety
-be long lasting
-be easy to eat

Fruits like bananas, apples and oranges found an easy entry in my backpack. Ragi and oats cookies, multi-grained laddoos, atta mathris, rice puffs also got a green signal. Milk was one of the easiest thing to choose as Anya loved flavoured milk. We would pack a few tetrapaks and be relaxed about her daily milk intake. 

Recently, I came across a brand launch of a milkshake, rather a MooShake, at a mall. Anya and I tried  a couple of flavours and they tasted nice. The thing that caught my attention was that MooShake has curcumin in it, which is a haldi extract. It is world’s first milkshake with haldi extract! Now, why hadn’t anyone thought of it before? How nice it would be to carry it on our trips, thought I. MooShake not only offers milk in various flavours, it also provides extra immunity which is quite welcome during trips. MooShake is available in four flavours - chocolate, badam, mango and peachy strawberry. On top of it, it has a very appealing ’Sooper Moo' on its pack, which would cajole kids to drink up milk.
So in our trip last month, MooShake was our milk companion and we didn’t have to worry on the milk front at all. Just be a little careful that kids don’t spill it. Handle spills in the same manner as you would with haldi milk i.e. wipe clean and rinse immediately. Try all the flavours and discover you favourite one because #MilkJustGotSooper
You can get more information about MooShake at

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