Yellow, Yellow Golden fellow….How to Develop a Golden Habit
|   Nov 20, 2015
Yellow, Yellow Golden fellow….How to Develop a Golden Habit

We now know enough about the goodness of haldi milk. Haldi is proven to be anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, blood purifier and a powerful antioxidant. It’s the presence of curcumin in haldi that gives haldi its characteristics. Drinking haldi milk is a proven age-old remedy for many health-issues. The challenge, however, is to develop it into a regular habit.

Here are a few steps which can be helpful in developing this as a golden habit:

1. Get motivated:  There is enough written about the goodness of haldi to get motivated. To get a recap, please read

For more fun facts about haldi, see

2. Take the first step:  Now that you are all fired up, strike while the iron is still hot. The very next time you have to drink or serve milk, make it haldi milk. The trick that I use is to make a small bowlful of haldi milk to be had first and a glassful of regular milk to top it off. A small step at a time takes one far.

3. Make it into a ritual: Make it a weekend ritual or a daily one. Time the haldi milk before school or before play, after a class or before going to bed. Making a ritual helps us in remembering it. I also have a little black board in my kitchen which is a good memory-aid. In our busy lifestyle, it’s easy to slip up. If you are running short of time, don’t despair. Mooshake is always there. It is world’s first milkshake with the goodness of curcumin in it. To top it, it comes in 4 different  flavours and a friendly  SuperMoo to moo(ve) you into the habit. You can give it to kids for daycare and bus, as a school snack or during activity breaks.

4. Be patient: Observations and studies show that it takes a minimum of 21 days to form a new habit. Depending  on persons and circumstances, it might vary between 2 months and 8 months.  But don’t think of it as a magic number where you decide upon this habit, leave it to hibernate for 21 days and voila!  from 22nd day you have started drinking haldi milk!  You have to work towards it. There is no escape from hard work.

5. Never ever, ever, give up: You might slip up a few times and may not remember it always. But the key is to start and then be consistent. Soon, you will get there and will be patting yourself on the back for doing it!

And why just kids? Even adults should work towards building this habit. When my father was to stay alone for a few days, I packed a few MooShake with him. He loved them and his favorite flavor was badaam. With the festive season just behind and the start of new year, it’s a good time to incorporate this healthy habit. Yellow is also an auspicious colour, you know!




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