Could never think this way, even as an adult.
|   Oct 27, 2016
Could never think this way, even as an adult.

Should I join an NGO and make myself useful to the society? Or go for a Fund raising Gig? Were some of the questions that came to Aditya’s mind as he wanted to do something different, memorable and useful for the specific section of society on his 21st birthday. Money  is always a constraint with youngsters, “ Can’t part with my guitar, what else do I have of my own?” An ardent musician who composes , jams , performs and makes it a point to  time attend small and  big time rock shows in town –needless to mention, head banging with long hair impart the cool feel. And it was this feeling that created the idea that he would donate his hair to HELPAID.ORG, an organisation that makes wigs for cancer patients. The challenge was to grow his hair various inches long, in summer months (examination time). It meant all the compliments of “naturally silky straight hair” bouncing out of the window. And that too during peak ostentatious period of post exam holiday time. But the thought that “it’s alright, somebody needs it more desperately than me”. Easier said than done! It takes lot of courage to go bald and explain to your friends and relatives the thought process. It’s a mixed feeling comprising the  joy of  giving versus the looks. It made me so proud of the fact that he was very sure of his decision. There are so many young kids who support this and have come forward to do the same. Heis so happy that his 21st birthday has a special place in his heart. Six months and the hair grew again but the thought followed by the act touched me.Frankly, I would have never thought on those lines even as an adult. I feel proud to see the present generation who are selfless, who think for others, who act rather than just speak. We parents have done a good job in making our kids selfless instead of selfish human beings. Blood donation, organ donation, care for environment, contribution in literacy etc are some of the areas that have attracted the younger generation who voice their concern.

 Quality time spent with kids at a very tender age and all along counselling , guidance, encouragement and motivation make them humane. Thinking about others well-being is imperative. When you do good to others, the universe reciprocates in the same manner. It’s not about collecting certificates, degrees, escalating bank balances but it’s about earning good will through good deeds. Selfless service lifts one’s self esteem and leads to make world a better living place. The smallest of effort counts. We need to inculcate these values in our kids when they are young.

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