How safe are indigenous snacks for kids?
|   Jun 20, 2015
How safe are indigenous snacks for kids?

Safety Standards for Indigenous Snacks...Escaping Attention!


All time hot favourites,  a samosa or a kachori , cannot boast of meeting  food safety norms. All praises to the Indian stomach, which is an epitome of ‘high degree tolerant zone’, may it be microbes, spices, trans fats etc. What are the safety standards that are set for indigenous snacks? A ‘bidi’ bud, a stapler pin, a match stick, hair, insects and other contaminants make the food substandard and unsafe for consumption. All this and the hygienic parameters or measures observed around eating joints cannot be ignored. A lot goes unnoticed or conveniently ignored. So, are we compromising with the most important issue? For whom? For what? One has to take a call and give a thought to develop the norms inorder to ensure food safety and hygiene , not ignoring to keep the foodie culture alive. Indian snacks offer wide range of snacks but the vendors lack nutritional know how. The awareness regarding trans fat, reuse of pre-heated oil, maintenance of optimum temperature is all Greek to the most successful vendors. They are doing very well for themselves but who will take the responsibility of our health. Which door to knock incase of an adversity? A wake up call to all concerned –  Maggi, Cerelac, Kelloggs are under scanner , why not these ever popular favourites too? The much sought after street food of Delhi is the craze of the foodie community.  The survival of street food culture calls for awareness and involvement of all stake holders. Food safety is the key to good health and cannot be compromised. As an informed citizen and a mother,  raise voice against this unnoticed issue. Train your kids to choose the best and to be aware of the existing but hidden hazards of our all time favourites. It is disheartening to be a witness to the prevailing times- though being a foodie myself  it does call for a  lot of responsibility in terms of action! 

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