Magic of Quaker Oats to Counter the Festival Binge
|   Oct 23, 2016
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Magic of Quaker Oats to Counter the Festival Binge

Festival time is a fun time to spend with your loved ones. All the festivals celebrated in the world have different significance and a unique way to celebrate. What is common to all the festivals is good food! Most of the Indian state's witness array of festivities in the existing season with the yummiest spread. Even the fasts observed during Navratras are an epitome of innovation ( latest is Dominos Navratra Pizza). Needless to say, what happens during pandaal hopping, Dusshera, dandiya nights, Karwa Chauth, Diwali gets together, Bhai dooj etc. Fancy clothes and sumptuous food is the highlight for most of us. In our excitement we fail to gauge –How much is, too much (of food) and indulge sinfully.  

The repercussions are witnessed only as flab deposits post the festive season. The same is camouflaged with the woollens during the winter season. Come winters and we north Indians see a reason during the season to indulge in buttered stuffed paranthas, Makki ki roti, and sarson ka saag. Health takes a back seat and all the systems of our body go haywire only to lead us into a health mess. Let us be wise this festive season and to follow a healthy regime without compromising on the festival goodies. Introduce the Quaker Oats variants into your daily breakfast and then binge into the plethora of dishes without guilt. The goodness of magic grain Oats takes care of your system and checks your metabolism.  

A good healthy breakfast with oats for the entire family saves times during the hectic festive days. The sumptuous Quaker oats variants match the specific requirements of every family member from babies to elders. One can always give it a twist with fruits, blend into smoothies and shakes. Watch your weight and enjoy the season now that you have a solution to cut the calories. A good planning is the basis of any successful regime. If it has to do with the health of your family go the simple way. No walking extra mile, just being conscious and consciously choosing Oats will help you to be in shape without any adverse effects on health.

Let us share smiles before, during and after festival times. I promise you will not regret. Regret will be of the fact that why did you keep yourself away from the wholesomeness of oats all these years. Wishing you all a very happy and healthy festive season. 

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