Mother - That's How it Feels!
|   May 07, 2016
Mother - That's How it Feels!

May it be , “....Tonight I’m Loving you...”, Live performance by Enrique Iglesias, at the happening Leisure valley Grounds, Gurgaon, or a DJ Nucleya night at Hybrid,Janpath,or hitting the jogging track and doing planks –we have shared it all. Tanvi,15 year old is my shadow and I have lived my childhood and the typical girlie teenager  life through and with her. Whether it is a visit to Jhandewala temple or Gurudwara Bangla Sahib , we have just hopped into a Metro and made a picnic out of everything. We have stood in the queue whole day for Master Chef Kids auditions and every experience has been enriching and a learning in itself. Her Mother’s day gift is a song which she has recorded with her friend today- a talent well honed and showcased!"Everydayisamothersday" indeed!

Paras, 18 year old is a health freak and a calisthenics aspirant .Witty and charming , his birds eye view on ‘bars ‘ keeps a check on my daily walking/jogging/running regime. His concern, encouragement  and motivation drives me to keep fit and to be in shape. His passion and regime for ‘mylifeonbars’ is an epitome of ultimate hardwork to keep fit. Keeps an arms distance from junk food and his daily inputs for ‘healthy lifestyle’ makes me think how committed youngsters are these days and do not give in to temptation. Everyday is a learning which is worth appreciation. A promising young lad, never has ‘no’ for an answer, its an ‘ok’ at the first instance and discussion follows later. I really feel like patting myself on my back when I convince adolescents these days or if they are able to convince us.It is a clear reflection that they do not have any grey areas in their life.

Aditya, 20 years old, is humble, calm, modest and passionate about music - composing, playing and not missing the gigs in town believes in ‘Karma’ and an ardent believer of Buddha’s teachings. On his 21st birthday (which is next month) ,  plans to donate his hair for cancer patients at the ‘Hair’( my next blog on the same). For a collegiate to become bald is a tough decision but  to render services to the less fortunate whom you have never met and probably will never meet ,calls for a pat on the back.

 As a mother, one feels complete and accomplished when her kids deliver her teachings in action hence exhibit the inherent values inculcated since childhood. All heart warming gestures makes me feel proud. Life is a long, but if our kids are sorted the journey becomes a cake walk and calls for everyday celebration and every single day becomes a Mothers day!





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